Chateau Area and Cinderella Waltz


I need some help identifying two more audio clips. I think they must be from Disneyland Paris. One is called the Chateau Area and the clip is four minutes and 37 seconds and the second clip is called the Cinderella Waltz and the clip is one minute and 30 seconds. Thanks for any help you can give me.

The outside of the castle at DLRP plays the fantasyland castle loop from WDW (on the official album). The interior plays this:

01/ 0.06 Prince Phillip Arrives (0.00-0.07)
02/ 0.13 Main Title Prologue (1.46-)
03/ 1.24 Hail To The Princess Aurora (instrumental)
04/ 3.20 The Gifts of Beauty and Song (0-2.26)
05/ 5.50 True Love Conquers All (5.01 - )
06/ 6.21 The Burning of The Spinning Wheels/The Fairies Plan (2.38-2.59
The Burning of The Spinning Wheels/The Fairies Plan (3.27 – end?)
The Burning of The Spinning Wheels/The Fairies Plan (3.54 – end?)
07/ 7.34 A Cottage in The Woods (1.21 - )
08/ 10.02 I wonder (2-46-)
09/ 11.13 The Fairies Plan (edit n/k due to noise of guests on live recording)
10/ 11.44 Once Upon A Dream - instrumental (0.29-)
11/ 14.26 A secret revealed (0.38-53)
12/ 14.45 Auroras Return (0.18 -1.28)
13/ 16.15 Sleeping Beauty 1-51 – end
14/ 17:25 (not on soundtrack CD) Prelude to Forbidden mountain (the fairies dash to the cottage where they find the prince has been abducted)
15/ 18.00 A Fairy Tale Come True (0.00-1.29)
16/ 19.20 Awakening
17/ 22.05 Finale
so they should be in there.
Thanks I still do not understand. The two songs are from the interior of the DLRP castle loop. I guess I will have to upload the two files for more help. Thanks again.
and certainly (if they are not in the videos posted) to actually hear the clips you have would be a help. Not all labels on clips are accurate anyway. There are other areas that they may be from (stores, restaurants etc).
Thanks for the help with these two audio clips. One more thing I need help on. What should I put down for these two files like Fantasyland Castle Medley?

Generally referred to as Castle (or chateaux) courtyard BGM as Fantasyland doesn't have a  dedicated loop.
Just to add, I managed to capture this as a reference recording a few years back.  It's the same track used in other parks labelled 'Fantasyland Castle Medley'.  As eyore has posted, the loop does not play inside the castle but in front and over by the castle stage area up to the towers entrance to Fantasyland (by Pizzeria Bella Notte).  Tune always makes me think I'm in a happy place
Do you happen to remember what you called the live recording? I couldn't find it  (it's there somewhere). Really must get these things together rather than spread out.