FAQ: How do I download files from here?

That's because DC-Torrents is now Mousebits so you can no longer link to the old files.
A quick basic "how to".
Find a client (the program used to download the torrents files) Eg uTorrent, Azureus (Now known as Vuze) etc and install it on your PC. Google "torrent Client" for a suitable one for you. They are free, by the way.
Search the torrent files for what you want and download the torrent to your PC (it's not the actual file, only a pointer to where the file is so it's a very small file downloaded in seconds).
Open the torrent file you downloaded and your client will read it and download the actual file to the folder you have chosen.
If you leave it in that folder, it will seed to others who want the same file.
How the client actually works, looks etc depends on which one you use but the basics above are the same for all.
You will have to be validated before you can download the files (reply to the email sent by Mousebits).
It's as simple as that but, if you have any problems, just ask ;D
The original post that you were seeking is at the top of the page for this forum, by the way. It was moved here when DC changed to Mousebits so have a read of that as well