HELP: I did not receive the activation e-mail!

Hi Mousebits Admin

I have also checked my inbox and spam for the validation e-mail. Can't seem to find it. Hoping my account can be activated manually.
Hi, I haven't received the activation email either.  I tried with 2 email accounts thinking one was blocking it, but still nothing since yesterday in my inbox, and checked junk mail just to be safe.  Just wanted to see if someone could help with that.  Thanks!!
Help! I too have not recieved the activation email. However you can send me an email on my email and i will reply with a screenshot of this post for verification if need be. Please help!
Hello Admins,

I posted in the thread on October 10 that I did not receive my authorization email.  I have checked multiple times since then, and again today (both Inbox and Spam).  Could you please assist with authorizing my account?

Thank you!

I have checked and done all the suggestions, but never received the confirmation e-mail. Please help!
Hi i have checked my email and my spam folder and there is no sign of the activation email. 
Can you Please assist with that?  Thank You
I have checked and done all the suggestions, but never received the confirmation e-mail. Any help is appreciated. Thank you  :)
dear mousebits,
i just checked my email i gave it some time to kick in but wasn't showing in inbox or spam is there any way to activate the account please and thank you? - m3ganb3ll
thanks for having me!

Same issue here with not receiving the activation e-mail.

Can anyone help?

This is the error I'm getting on the top of the page when changing the email.

SMTP Error: Could not authenticate.
Hello, I signed up I think a year or two ago and I never received the sign up verification email. Is it possible to have it sent again? Thanks again
I signed up 24 hours ago and I am still in the "validating" status.  I check my email (spam box included) but did not receive a verification email.  Please help!
Hi micssite2,

I can see in the server logs that three e-mails went out to you yesterday and have been correctly received by Google. Could you please verify again as I really don't see how these messages could become missing. I monitor daily and see a lot of Gmail addresses and all return the '250' code, which means successfully delivered (your messages included).

Could you also check automatic rules? Maybe you created a rule sometime earlier?

Would like to get to the bottom of this, hence the questions. Thanks and looking forward to your response.

P.S. If you are concerned by this message about your privacy, don't be. All message logs only contain the bare minimum of diagnostic data and are deleted after 72 hours. I monitor on a daily basis and the only thing I can see are e-mail addresses and information about the mail server communication (status codes and such), no real content :)
Hello, I realized I've also been in the "Rank: validating" boat for over a year now.  :p Would love to move on so I can start using the site. Please let me know how to proceed ~ thanx!