How to record from WDW Resort TV to laptop


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I am bringing my RV on our trip. I'd like to record the Fort Wilderness resort channel to my laptop.

We have a Sansui HDMI TV with an HDMI port as well as RCA jacks. (See picture.)  I am bringing my HP pavilion dv7 laptop running Windows 7 64 bit.

How would I connect and record that channel on my laptop? I'm guessing it's the HDMI port but haven't done this before.

Sorry for such a basic question; I did do a search first.


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I capture all the channels every time Im there - right now, you wont be able to use that since you need a tuner built in.  Currently, you need to use the Coax on the back of the TV and connect that to a tuner that can do Regular TV and Digital (to get all the channels).
That is correct.  The tuner inside the TV will decode a channel's video and audio for use by only the TV itself.  Your laptop will need its own tuner so the laptop can record a channel.
I presume it's similar to our digital broadcasts, you have to capture from the signal (via the co-ax) before it gets to the TV and you can't record out from the TV itself as there are no outputs - is that right? 
Yep - correct - The USB device I bring has a Digital Tuner on it - so its really a TV card.  (I do also bring a pure HDMI capture device, they will switch at some point like the cruise has...)