A beginner question.


New member
I've been tryin to get on some threads, but when I do I get an error message saying: 

An Error Has Occurred!

The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you.

I was getting these messages from threads that were made today, what am I doing wrong?
Your status is still 'Validating'. When a moderator or admin sees your message they can fix it for you.
sometimes the communication between the tracker database and the one for the forum works (when registering) and sometimes not .. dunno why  ???
Didn't this start after some sort of site update last year?
I don't recall it happening before (other than forgetting to answer the email, of course)  ;D
Have you replied to the email they sent you (to confirm that it was you who asked yo join and to confirm your email address)?
If you have, they'll fix you soon. If not, reply right away.
padams626 said:
I never got the confirmation email.

You are probably right. AOL does not seem to like mousebits. I will send you an email, please follow instructions in that mail.