All right! I wanna seed my files but how?


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I downloaded the Epcot 25th aniverserty discs 1-5 on here and I wanna let it be available for others but here is the problems.

1.  I don't know how to allow it to be downloaded to others.  I found out most sites don't like it if you don't upload.

2. I am worried if other people are downloading I won't be able to play my files at the same time.

3. I have heard I don't have to shut McAffe fire wall off while I do it from other users on here which I HOPE is true.  I don't want hackers going into my stuff and then Dad having to erase my computer to fix it. :eek:    :)P to the hackers.)

I'll try to answer this, but I'm new to torrents, so I'm not speaking from a lot of experience ...

1.) I use Azureus (aka Vuze), which automatically starts seeding files once they're downloaded as long as they aren't moved from the Azureus Downloads folder. If you're using it, it should do the same. If you're using another program, I don't have any experience with those, so someone else'll have to answer for that ...

2.) Don't worry - you can listen to your music just fine when someone else is getting it. ;) (At least I've never noticed a problem when listening to songs while they seed ...)

3.) I haven't had any issues with my McAfee stuff while up/downloading things, so hopefully you won't either.

Of course I'm very new to this site and torrents in general, so someone else can probably give a more thorough answer as well as correct any misinformation I've got here ...
It's called seeding (uploading is when you want to share your own file on the site and you need to get uploader status from the admins).
PL-7764 has pretty well said it all.
The usual reason for not seeding is moving the files after they have downloaded.
Wherever you have told the client program to save them to is your "download folder".
You must leave the downloaded files in the folder they were downloaded to (doesn't matter which folder it is) for them to seed. If you move them the client can't find them (you can, however, copy them to another folder as long as the originals stay in the download folder).
The client remembers where you downloaded a particular file to and will go to that folder to seed it.
If you later change your download folder, the client can still find it. I have downloads on several external drives and folders and, as long as I leave them alone, the client finds them - regardless where I am downloading at present.
I too use Azureus and, once downloaded, will start seeding right away.
Seeding won't really cause any problems (although you will use a little bandwidth which may slow down your downloads slightly - not much).
You can play your files, burn them to disc etc while people are downloading them.
Although not required, it is polite to seed but this site doesn't insist on it and you won't get into trouble if you don't. I try and seed a download at least to a ratio of 2 or 3 if I can.
Never shut the firewalls off. There's always a way to get them to allow programs to get through them. If you have any more questions, ask away. They are a really helpful bunch here and don't mind answering the simplest of questions.
I use a thing called BitTorrent 6.0.3 that has a green symbol.  I have a folder called Disney Audio and catagorized by each land though kinda poorly and it's in there seperate of Bit Torrent 6.0.3 :-[           

I downloaded Walt Disney Forever project but alsas I don't have a Flacc audio player but I will try to find one by driving on down the super higway of the internet.    I want to seed those files like MSEP I downloaded.  Should I use Azures?  I think I will give it a try and maybe due to automatic seeding. ??? ???    What the heck.

So do you download to the main "Disney audio" folder and then move the files to their "land" folder?
If you do, your client will only look in the folder that IT downloaded to (say, "Disney Audio"). If the file is now in another folder (say, "Frontierland"), as far as the client is concerned, it's no longer on your PC. The client will ONLY look in the folder it downloaded to and will not search for the file (and that can't be changed anywhere. Where it downloaded to is fixed forever.
There is a way of getting it to find it again (set the default download folder to where the file is now, redownload the torrent and try and download the file again. The client will look in the folder you specified and, if it finds the file, will go through a "checking" routine (to make sure it's the same one), and, once dine, will start seding (no, it won't download it again as it can see it's already completed).
With Azureus, there is a warning that files will be overwritten (they won't be) so you just accept it.
Phew, hard work. Hope you can follow all of that.
I would just leave all the files (if you have room) in the download folder and copy them to your named folders. That way you can still seed.
An external HD is very handy for this.
Do remember that Mousebits doesn't care if you seed or not (but it does mean more people can download and it's a nice thing to do if you can).  ;D
I've used Vuze for movies until my ISP decided to send messages to me saying that I was downloading illegal videos.

I'm using Ares from, I've used it for years, but still haven't figured out how to seed my files!
I want to make sure that the music I have is available for others; but not sure how to seed my files!

Anyone know how to seed files with Ares?

reply here and at

Please. :D
i will only seed if someone is actually trying to download the file at that time. Have you ever been able to seed with it (not just for this site)? It's not unusual for nothing to seed for long periods of time. It's supposed to seed automatically as far as I know. Are there any setting for seeding?
I think Foxx is asking in general (i.e., not MouseBits specifically) about how to get Ares Galaxy to seed a torrent.  Remember, this Instructional Guides forum is publicly visible to search bots. ;)
I don't run this client but reading up on it, it seems to do it automatically so a guess would be maybe the files are not where it expects them to be. The general concept should be the same though.