All the torrents are broken on this site: Help please? :(


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I am just informing you that like ALL the torrents either don't work or get stuck halfway through.  The ones I TRIED to download are the MSEP,

WDW Resorts,,

Tomorrowland 2055.

Tomorrowland 1989 version 2.

The ones I HAVE been able to download are Epcot 25th Anniversery
That one made my day.

and Electric Pagent.

(bangs head on wall at frustration while everyone is happy downloading)

2.  I wouldl like to seed so people can take mine but I am afraid if I do it will shut off my fire-wall thus allowing hackers and other crap into my PC.  Will that happen?  I would like to contribute someway but I have nothing to upload that I can claim my own.
All the torrents are like broken??

Umm... no! That`s a bit of a generalisation. There does seem to be issues with the ones you listed, but out of the thousands of files available it isn`t "all" of them is it?
P2P is not perfect, but it does the job.  Don't treat it as a direct connection.  Its a case of setting your bandwidths correctly to start with, then just letting it run in the back ground.  If your trying to d/l  and nobody is seeding it can be frustrating, but this does show up on the index page, and usually somebody jumps in. 

no need to turn off your fire wall, if your really worried, most p2p programs have IP filtering and there are plenty of filter lists available. or you can download pglite or Peer Guardian, and run these in the background. 

The only hassles I've ever had here are codec ones, from the varied formats used by members. That said a good conversion programme normally sorts these out.  Until I changed my set up, had probs with Dolby's HD vids. 

Basically its fire and forget.
First of all I was frustrated when I get that way I tend to say the first thing that comes to my mind.  X: (axe on head)

Ummmm I use Bit Torrent that is a green icon and I do not know what you mean by seeting my bandwitih correctly.  I got DSL connection.     So how do I get these. IP filters things you are talking about?  Will they allow it so I can help people on hear download too without worring about my "Norton Firewall" being breeched?

DR Norton does not like being breeched.

I am NOT even sure what an IP filter is but it sounds like a plug-in to a bit-torrent program.   I am VERY new to torrents and have just gotten them too work.  ???

I think your "green icon" BitTorrent is uTorrent.  If you downloaded 50% of the download then it seems your connection is fine.  What can you see about those downloads that might suggest the reason for them stopping half-way?
Does your client say a percentage available?
Azureus will tell you how much of a file is available and, if nobody has a full file (less than 100% availability), it seems like you are downloading but you are only seeding to others.
I had this recently with a file. Green smiley face (good connection) but nothing coming through and all because the full file wasn't available. When someone who had the missing bits came on (after quite  a few days), it finished downloading fine.
It does happen sometimes :) and it looks like the torrent has stuck and it's not that obvious why.
The main page of the WDW resort version 2 shows. 0.32kbs and seeds 4 leechers 2 and peers 6.  Not sure what those terms mean.  I am not sure what I am considered when I am downloading. is what I use. ???  If I can get that thing to download I am not sure how to make it so other people can take pieces from me as I would like to do that for you guys and gals.
the basic bittorrent client is not the best to use .. best client around is azureus
Seeds have the full file, peers are those still downloading. You will still download the bits you DON'T have from peers but you may find that none have the full file and so have to wait for a seed to join to get the missing bits.
It's complicated but I think that's how it works. Leechers are just those downloading.
The info on the main page (again, I think) shows totals and not who is on at the moment.
As Dolbyman says, try Azureus, it's a much better and easier program to use, has a good interface  and it shows a LOT of extra information.
I gave up with Bittorrent and Utorrent as I couldn't make sense of them and kept getting it wrong.
You need to se how many seeds are ctive when you are downloading.
I think that you are downloading stuff and, although there are copies available, the seeds just are not online at the moment.
Tell me just ONE (a smaller one please) file that seems stuck and I'll have a go at starting a download and see what seeds/peers are running at that time and see if that explains it.
(I have far too much time on my hands)  :)