An idea for new torrent annoncements



I had an idea that I thought I would share for the admins to think about.  On other boards we had a announcement thread.  The membership was encouraged to subscribe to the thread.  When we needed to make an announcement we could put it in that thread and the notification system would let the membership know there was a new announcement.

I was thinking this site could almost do something like that.  You could create a top line forum topic that is only for video announcements.  Maybe limit posting privileges to uploaders to keep stray comments out.  Everyone on the site could be encouraged to subscribe to that forum.  When one of us has a video to release we could post a short message in that announcement.  Then everyone who has subscribed to that forum would get notified of the new torrent.

I usually find out about new torrents when I stumble upon them.  This would allow anyone to almost instantly know there is something new.

Anwyway, just a thought.

Personally, I always check the torrents page and the shout box each time I log in (which, according to my wife, is far too often anyway ;D )
I can understand the benefit for those who visit less frequently and some uploads have gone from the recent torrents box (especially, as of late, when a number of new torrents have been added)
but the torrents are listed in date order so it's fairly easy to see which have been added since a previous visit (if you remember, of course).

It certainly sounds good  but I'm just wondering how it would work in practice and how it would differ from the torrents listings..
It's a good idea. I'm not really sure if MouseBits needs it though- It's a fairly small community compared to others. In other sites, files are in different folders under different names, but here they are all in one place. Like Eeyore, I check the shout box and torrents each time I come on. The additions aren't hugely frequent, and I'd rather just click on "torrents" than going to another page to see what new torrents there are.

But this suggestion may come in handy later. It depends on what the administrators say, I guess.  ;D
I'm not sure we need that right now... I can see such a system being abused.  Typically we use the front page news for announcements.