Any additional sites for downloading Disney audio/videos

aamuboi10 said:
Are there any other websites where you can download Disney audio or videos?

I know nothing better  ;D

I will fix your status by the way, so you will see the rest of our forums too  ;)

I really love the site and everything that is on here. I just asked that question to see what other sites there are. but by far this is my favorite!!
Poly loop is Needledrop, I think, so won't be here (you can buy the CDs).
Quite a few other sites around BUT some you have to pay for and others (including Youtube) don't have the quality or range you will find here and, often, they are originally from here anyway ;D
No no other sites.  Their used to be some but the authors have long abandon them and one of them even CHARGED for his site which I think is against the law actually.