Becoming a seeder for a torrent I previously downloaded from Mousebits


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In 2006, I downloaded a bunch of files from Mousebits torrents, and I archived them to an external hard drive.  In the meantime, my computer crashed, and with it, my installation of Azureus on which I had my torrents.  Now, I would like to seed these files again - I tried just selecting "share" in Azureus for one of the files, and it shows that there are no other peers for the file, even though Wavbits shows there are several seeds for the file (WDW Top 7) - how do I get my files to be part of the seeding pool for a particular torrent?
download the according torrent files from here and open it with your torrent program. when it asks for the download location point it to the files folder and voilá you're a seeder  ;D