Burning an ISO File



Does anyone have a suggestion for a program to use to burn ISO files to a DVD to play in my Dvd player. I currently have Roxio for cd burning and for some reason I\'m either not burning it right or I don\'t have the capabilities in my version of Roxio. Does anybody have any suggestions.

Which version of Roxio Toast are you using? And this is a dumb question, but do you have a DVD burner or just a CD? Current versions of toast burn DVD\'s from ISO great. What you have to do is mount the ISO, and then burn it\'s contents to DVD. You can also usually just use your player software to play the files directly on your computer. Some other PC burning application do burn directly from an ISO I believe, but don\'t quote me, I\'m a MAC guy.
I have Roxio Easy Creator 6. And yes I have a DVD burner. I burn dvds all the time. I\'ve just never burned the ISO files.
Okay. You should just mount the file like a disc, Then burn the files to DVD. On a MAC I just double click the ISO file and it mounts just like a disc. Not sure if it works the same on a PC. Hope that helps.