clicking sound in burned cd's

when I play the cd's i have burned from the torrents i get a clicking sound when I play them in my car. Its not the whole album just from like tracks 6 on up. They are intermitent and not at the same times in the songs any ideas?
If you are certain that this clicking occurs only in later tracks, then it is due to the burning process.  As you move outward from the center of the disc (the direction of data read/writes) it becomes harder to track the disc as the disc wobbles a bit more and the data is read/written more quickly.

Try burning a disc with the burn speed turned down.  In general, don't pick the very highest rated burn speed for your CD player.  Burning at a lower speed yields a higher quality burn.  Different CD players exhibit varying sensitivity to this behavior so for maximum compatibility, use a lower burn speed.

Also make sure that the CDs you are burning support whatever burn speed you are using.
That's handy information. I have had a few "odd" things happening on occasions and that's probably why.
Burning at a slower speed than max always works (but sometimes one wants things NOW).
I would also add that not messing around with other programs also helps get a good result (ie don't surf, receive mail  etc - just burn. I have had a the occasional blip when the PC tries to do too much at once even though the buffer thing is fine.
Thanks for the info.
Very strange..  I have NEVER burned a disk at anything more than the minimum speed I can, at least for DVDs.  With CDs the max I go is 8x.  The couple minutes I would save is worth me having to reburn a disc, or replace one for someone else, etc.
I use Nero and there's a speed checking tool with that.
I check the drives and then go two speed settings lower. This seems to be my maxim for so many things now "why risk it".
Maybe I should get out more 8)
My CD writer will burn at 48X (discs will burn up to 52X) and I find that any PC activity at that speed means poorer quality/risk of errors.
You are quite right. Spend the extra few minutes and get it right first time.