#Disney-Central help


New member
I\'m still having trouble getting #Disney-Central to work.

I can successfully log on #Disney-Central using \"irc.irchighway.net\"

I can successfully enter \"!list\" to get the list of channels(?) (Pardon me if my terminology is wrong)

But when I try to open up one (such as !Dolby )
it gives me the error message: \"#Disney-Central Permission denied, you do not have the correct channel access privledges\"

Do I need to be registered or be granted permission?

BTW, I\'m using Ircle for Mac.

hmm .. normaly you don\'t need any kind of access ... hmm .. you got any spam or k-line message when you logged in ?
There\'s a link to #disney-central at the top of this page now, look for \"IRC Chat\".

Functionality and ease of access shall be expanded during my lunch hours at work, heh.

For now, don\'t forget to \"/join #disney-central-chat\", too!