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Honestly, I don't think there's as good a site out there as MouseBits. Plus, I've never heard of a Disney torrent site aside from this site.
nope, don't know of anywhere else that has anything better than here. Generally other sites refer you to mousebits for torrents. There used to be other sites that had some audio on them but often pay sites and guess where they got the files from  ::)
Hopefully we are the best with the best quality non commercial files.

We've always strived to offer better quality than single pass YouTube style videos and live recordings unless they have historic merit.

I dare say some other places offer commercially available (pirated) media. I've seen a fair few come and go over time because of this.
Much to rare_lp_collector's interest, I really wish there was a Disney video-based community much like this one. I guess YouTube does the best job for it right now, and now that I think about it, I should really consider downloading all the videos to as to build my own library of fragile tv specials.
I suppose that the fact that Mousebits is park-related and some people want access to Disney stuff in general, means it won't suit everyone. The ones I knew of have, in the most part (and not really unsurprisingly), been taken down.
There was an excellent site that had a lot of park CDs available (I got a few of DLRP that I'd missed) but, as many of them (especially those from Tokyo) were commercially available, that got taken down too. No forum though, just a private site.
Mousebits well suits my needs.
Yeah cause the So called Disney company and productions of today is like a dead rat out of the sewers
because Roy won't sign a damn paper to release any of the rares God knows why and wants all the money to his advantage not to the love Walt put in the business himself for.It's so boring to see nothing of Wonderful World of color out or Disneyland 1950's episodes on blu ray or even dvd. Only a real little bit has been put out just to keep the crowd with some content. That's why I wish Walt would have lived till his 90's instead of 65 so that the company and productions would have been legit with the releases and business over all. I see the Disney situation grim because only collectors own the specials from 50's -80's , other then that I myself will give up trying to dig up Disney's rarities.
Song of the south will never hit Blu ray + dvd catalog Ever for political issues. Roy doesn't want the Disney TV Shows to be released on blu ray-dvd either. So really what to do better is for true fans not to purchase anything being sold by the administration unless of Diane Disney Walt's daughter has part in it, not to be rude but to show if this is what is going to be put out just to make a quick buck then no thanks bye Roy and crew have a nice day.
I really have to agree with others in that there are just not enough people out there that would buy the rare stuff to make it worthwhile to reissue them - sadly. There's a lot of stuff that they can't issue due to agreements with participating acts too. There were many UK TV series that suffered from this - the leading actors said "no" and the ability to do that was in their contracts so they had to wait until they died before they could issue them. The same problems exist with many BGMs too - Disney hasn't secured the rights to release on CD - only to play them in the parks. All those problems added together make it too expensive to bother. Think of the number of TV shows Disney put out (and were they recorded on a stable medium and kept?). I think we all wish that they would issue things but I really think it's not going to happen, it just wouldn't be profitable for them and, at the end of the day, they are a business - even if they did get the OK to release :(
rare_lp_collector said:
bye Roy and crew have a nice day.
Umm, FYI, Roy Jr. passed away in 2009 and he was never in charge.  Just going off memory, after Walt died, his son-in-law, Ron Miller, ran the company until things got really bad and that's when Eisner took over.  Eisner rose and fell so now Iger is Chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company.
It did pass through my mind but I thought there may have been some other guy called Roy working for Disney who had some say in the matter.
Am I right in saying that there isn't a Disney family member actually having any say in the running of the parks/company (apart from as a shareholder) with Roy E being the last?
As far as I know, there are no members of the Disney family directly involved in any financial or other decisions being made by the Disney company today, and Roy Jr. was the last one, but he was a lower executive who had great influence, but no final say in any broad final decisions. I think LP_Collector does have some legitimate frustrations, but it is directed at the wrong group of people. A little more research may be needed to learn the current status of the Disney company. I think he should be more upset with the current CEO Bob Iger and his underlings for his lack of attention paid to the classic library. They are more focused on the new "hip" now, and what is trendy with the "kids" - I think this is a short sighted and ill advised business model. Brand loyalty cannot be cultivated this way. His business model is to make as much money as humanly possible TODAY, by following what is "trending", and what focus groups say... This is certainly not the business model the company was originally built on, and what has attributed to its longevity as a beloved brand. Walt's company was about innovation, and creative risk taking. The company takes no risks today, just makes bad decisions based on ill advised financial number crunching data, that will some day come back to bite them in the a** - The problem is that it has not bit them back thus far, so they continue to make short sighted choices. I think magic bands and my magic plus is a prime example of how Iger has the company focused on the wrong goals, and how it is starting to have negative ramifications. Time will only tell if this continues, or if the creatives prevail over the money men.
ChrisLyndon said:
Time will only tell if this continues, or if the creatives prevail over the money men.

It will never happen as long as Disney is publicly-owned. That "legal fiduciary responsibility" crap will always take precedence now and forever, precluding anyone from ever taking a long view of things.

At least in our lifetimes, we will probably never again see the money support the art (as with Walt and Roy Sr.) instead of the art supporting the money like it is now.

The removal of Walt's first name from the production tag on feature films said it all.

I get a distinct feeling that most of what we would call Disney is something the company would like to ditch for something more modern to compete with the other theme parks. Disneyland (all varieties) rely heavily on nostalgia (ie what parents and grandparents remember) or the "opening up" of eastern countries to American influences (even North Korea put on a Disney character show although without any permission from Disney). Whether that nostalgia will continue with the likes of Marvel remains to be seen - it could become out of date a lot faster or may become a standard. . Mickey Mouse and the gang or The Incredible Hulk and his gang? Tough one.
I'm glad you told me Roy jr. died in 2009 i thought he was still alive , again my fault for that. Diane died in 2013 , wow that sucks even more than I ever can imagine. Now with her gone I can't imagine what disney will be in the future. I just can't believe how bad the business is with the rarities and tv series that were out 50's-early 90's.....Who ever is in charge now is probably going to do the same things that were dealt with in the past. Only releasing easy shit like Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition and
Song of the south lol thats a no-no for all of us .
Spent a little time on Google and no, there is no longer a Disney family member involved with the company. That ended with Roy.  :(

Also remember that most (if not all) of those that worked with Walt and understood his motives have also gone. Disney is now purely a business although probably still retaining some of Walt's ideas but there's really nothing to stop them becoming just another theme park.  Diane, I believe, had no part or influence in the company. They'll re-release the Classic cartoons only as long as they still show a decent profit or provide a reason for people to visit the park. Mickey is no longer a major star in movies but is a figurehead for the company (along with the gang) so they will keep him for a while yet but he'll
fade away eventually as kids ask "who's the mouse?".
You are correct, Eeyore, in that most of the company links to Walt are dead or retired.  When I worked at WDW in the 80's, I worked for people like Dick Nunis and Bob Matheison, and a host of others, who began their careers at Disneyland under the watchful eye of Walt.  When I moved to WDI, I worked for Marty Sklar, and got to work with Jphn Hench and others who learned how to be Imagineers through Walt.  I think when Marty finally retired a few years ago, that was pretty much the last direct connection to Walt that the company had, and it shows. 

A few years ago, I did some work with the Ripley's Believe It or Not! people about their image.  They have attractions around the world and wanted to make them more "Disney" like, as in enjoyable to all ages.  I told them that they have one thing in common with Disney - their founder has become little more than a logo.  People didn't realize there was a real Robert Ripley, and I would hazard to guess that if you polled a number of people in each park, they don't know there was a person named Walt Disney.  I know that was one of the main reasons Lillian got so upset when they too "The Disney Story" out of the parks, and to appease her, they quickly worked up the Partners statue to give him a presence.

That's a really cool video pixelated!

I also liked watching the people walking around in the background. Any idea on the group that walks by around 12:20 into the video? I'm not that familiar with the entertainment at Epcot Center in the early days. Made me think of Pam (Brody?) the button lady from Rose & Crown and then I thought of a Pearly Band.
Bob Iger to Remain Disney Chief through 2018

“Since he (Iger) became CEO in 2005, total shareholder return has increased to 311%, compared to just 92% for the S&P 500, and Disney’s market capitalization has risen to $150 billion from $48.4 billion.”

If you want to have a say in the governance of The Walt Disney Company, become a significant shareholder. 8)