Download problem


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I have recently been unable to download any files from you.

I use Bitcomet, which keeps giving me the following message: "Tracker connection error: 500, unexpected http status code..."

Does anyone have any idea what this message means and how I can rectify this problem?

Many thanks!
don't know if any torrent progs are banned .. but just for testing have you tested any other app ?
Noticed that "mitchjs" reported identical problem (13/12/07) on the forums. My situation is the same as his. I have no problem accessing any other part of the site, so no firewall issues. It seems that Bitcomet is just not compatible with Mousebits. How can this be?
I'd try a different client. have you been able to download anything since Mousebits redid the site?
Although 500 suggests a problem here, it doesn't seem to be affecting many people so I would try reinstalling your client or trying an alternative one.
It should, at least, give you a clue to the problem.
It's an odd one that.
I think I first had problems downloading from Mousebits towards the end of last year. Never had any trouble before that. Looks like I'll have to use a new BT client. It's a pity because Bitcomet has been excellent up until now and there are no problems with any other torrents.
There was a site upgrade here in the middle of January.
If that's when you started having problems, it may well be that there is some problem between your ISP and here. Maybe something even in your version of Bitcomet which causes some scripting errors between servers.
If you have been using your client for a while and not updated it this year (after the site was upgraded) it may just have a conflict - I notice that Bitcomet has had quite  a few new releases and bug fixes recently.
I have had problems with some things that get out of date and I haven't upgraded because I liked what I had.
Worth a try anyway. :)
Thanks for the advice Eyore. Have installed new version of Bitcomet, (v1.00), but still no luck. Error message remains. Looks like I'll have to try a new BT client.
I would think that it is something in the client that's the problem - maybe it doesn't like something that's in the system here but the good news is that most people have little trouble. It may even be (just a guess here, I'm no expert) that the new site upgrade is the most modern and some clients (they are free, remember) haven't got themselves quite up to date yet. A little like updating a program to run on Vista, you upgrade to it and it no longer runs on Win98 as a result (I have several of those ;D)
I'm sure you will find one that works well.
Looking at my seeding, Utorrent, Azureus seem to be the most frequently used so either of them should work fine.
If it's any consolation, I just downloaded BitComet and it doesn't work for me here either - same error 500 so I suspect that program just doesn't work here any more. The others do.
Utorrent and Azurus both work fine for me.