Download Speed Immediately Slows Down


New member
Hi Everyone,

I recently have had a problem downloading files...when I click start, the DL speed gets pretty high (around 150kb/s) then immediately goes down to a very low number (eg 1.4 kb/s) or zero.  It also seems that almost every time one of the seeds drops out right away. 

If I click stop and re-start the download, the same thing happens.  It gets very fast, then immediately slows down to almost zero.

I had about 15 files seeding, so I stopped seeding to see if it was impairing my ability to download (I just figured out how to seed about a month ago...I'm not the most tech savvy person with these); however, the same thing happened.  I even downloaded and tried using a different program (Transmission...I previously was using a program simply called BitTorrent on my Mac).

I tried using the search function but could not find a similar post...I'd appreciate any insight!

Thanks  :)