Fall 2015 site issues


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I got this error message when I tried to attach some photos to a forum post:

An Error Has Occurred!
The attachments upload directory is not writable. Your attachment or avatar cannot be saved.
Thanks eyore!

Does SirLamer know about the continuing problem when you receive a PM?  I.e., you have to click on the Cancel button a few times instead of the Okay button to get to your PMs, and then you're in your Outbox folder so you need to click on the link to your Inbox folder?
I tried to upload a test torrent and also encountered an error.  When you try to upload the .torrent file to MouseBits, you get this error message:

|           ERROR           |
|  Error moving torrent...  |

Sounds like it could be a write permission problem.
I'm sure they are working on the problems but, after the problems over the last two occasions are taking it slow and easy.
I agree, it would be sad (and ironic) to have a repeat of the Summer 2014 outage. 8)
Just listing problems in a more permanent area than the Shout Box.
somewhere like here is a good idea (if people could be persuaded not to comment too much but just to list any problems they had rather than discuss it). I don't have any more contact/access routes than anyone else really although I can contact the mods more directly for general stuff. I don't think they know much more than we do at the moment and SirLamer seems to be the one working on it in his free time. Maybe a new thread "current site issues" would help?
Maybe a Mod can rename this thread to something like "Fall 2015 site issues"?

I know I could PM the Admins and Mods directly but I felt that posting the issues in a forum would be more helpful since others could see what the known problems are instead of wondering if they are doing something wrong.
sorry, obviously too subtle, I was being slightly tongue in cheek there.
Seriously, I'm sure the mods will be reading this but I have no idea how closely they work with SirLamer or if they could/would try and alter anything. I'm not that much in the loop.

We just need to post occasional reminders that some things aren't working and keep our fingers crossed.

I can think of

Unable to upload torrents
Unable to search in the forums
Difficult to get into postbox

Any others?
Well there's also the fact that the site width is still majorly screwed up. But that was a problem even before the service loss.
not noticed that. Is that on PC or a mobile device? Mine looks the same as it's always done on PC and I don't see a problem.
I've seen it on Windows, Mac OS X & Linux with all browsers.  This is a screen grab of MouseBits in a maximized Chrome window.  The page contents don't expand to fill the full width of the window.  I'm wondering if it's a HTML/CSS style setting left over from when the site used to have banner ads.

Aflter you upload an image to imgur, look over to the right sidebar labeled "Share this image".  It's probably where you got the link that you posted.  If you click on the down arrow labeled "More", you'll see more links; one of them is labeled BBCode.  That one gives you a link that causes the image to be embedded in a forum post that uses BBCode tags for formatting, such as MouseBits.

Anyway, your screen grab shows the same problem.  You may have grown accustomed to seeing the actual page content at that width when there were banner ads on either side.  But now that the ads are gone, all that blank background on the left and right sides shouldn't be there.
Huh, never considered that an error.  Just thought, okay, they designed the page to appear this wide.  ::shrugs::

I'd sort of chalk that up as one of the lesser issues with the site.
I recall disneychris having similar issues when he first set up his site and, for me, it still has wide bars at the side just like MB. I took it to be my wide screen monitor.  Do some people not have those spaces or is it just the fact that they didn't adjust it when he ads went?
eyore said:
I took it to be my wide screen monitor.
I assume you've visited magicmusic.net ;D.  I don't see big empty spaces on the sides for that site and I'm guessing you don't either.  I agree it's not a big problem but it would be nice to be able to expand or contract the content display as needed by changing the size of the browser window.
fills the window at 133% mag.  ;D  It doesn't bother me in the least. I presume they just left the margins at the side rather than risk damaging the site by messing with it.  ::)
Some sites have these side bars and others don't. I figure that my format makes it better for those using smart phones or with older monitors that are more old time TV shaped, and not as wide screen. A lot of other sites use this format as well I am sure for the same reasons.
Yes, it would be a lot of work to implement a responsive layout but that is not the reason why I do not want my site to be that way.  I am very particular about the layout of my site. I do not want it to be able to change the font layout or placement of imagery for different ratios because it will alter the way I have meticulously designed every page on my site to appear. As a graphic designer that is very important to me. This is a case of form beating out function.
I do understand there are ways to design things with responsive web design in mind. But since I have never thought about design as being a shift-able and changeable thing, it is hard for me to wrap my head around the concept from that perspective. It is teaching an old horse new tricks. If I put my mind to it, I could figure it out, but it would require me to completely redesign everything on my site and learn what is essentially a new design language. So in addition to the technical aspect of converting everything, it would be even more work to teach myself this "language" and then to come up with artistic solutions that involve new layouts and formats for the site, so that when things shift around, it would continue to look pretty.

Since my primary focus is on the audio, this is not something I even want to consider doing. I just don't have enough hours in the day. As it is, it will take me about two years to catch up on the over 500 new audio additions I have in the queue for the site. Perhaps once the audio project is nearing an end, I will be looking for a new challenge, and that will be the point when I consider taking on a project like this.
The only reason it bothers me is because the site header stretches to 100% of the browser window width, however, the forum iframe doesn't. That's only because the table row that the iframe element is inside has a designated width of 982px (and is center aligned)
DisneyFanatic001 said:
pixelated said:
Replacing the 982 fixed width with 100% width works for me. ;D

Exactly how does one go about doing this?
You can do a temporary edit by opening the Developer Console or Tools in your web browser, finding the table definition that looks like this:

<table align="center" border="0" width="982" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">

and changing the value of the width attribute from 982 to 100%.
This edit only affects the page you're currently viewing because you've edited the cached/in-memory copy of the page.  Once you navigate to another page, the cache is refreshed and the edit will be lost.

The automatic way would be to use a plugin like the Stylebot Extension for Chrome:
Change Any Web Page's Design Instantly with Chrome Extension Stylebot

The Chrome Web Store page for Stylebot:
DisneyFanatic001 said:
pixelated said:
changing the value of the width attribute from 982 to 100%.

Can't figure it out.  :mad:  All of the table width settings for my browser (Chrome) are already set to 100%

Stylebot wasn't helpful either  :(
This is what I see when I view the MouseBits main page in Chrome's Developer Tools.  I've selected the table with the 982 px width.

Comparing your screenshot to mine, I noticed that I don't have a "table" tab. All I see are "html" , "body" and "div#main". If memory serves, I thought it had appeared while clicking on numerous links, but I can't seem to make it appear anymore.
DisneyFanatic001 said:
Comparing your screenshot to mine, I noticed that I don't have a "table" tab. All I see are "html" , "body" and "div#main". If memory serves, I thought it had appeared while clicking on numerous links, but I can't seem to make it appear anymore.
Are you referring to the labels at the bottom edge of the Elements window?  Those aren't tabs that you can select, they're just labels to help you keep track of where you are.

Did you twirl open the <div id="main"> container?  The table is inside that section.
Look at the fourth line above the blue selected line in the Elements window.  That's the div container you want to open.