Finding Audio Torrents for a Mac


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Hi all,

I'm a newbie when it comes to torrents and I own a Mac.  I read some of the other threads on the board in regards to torrent applications and tried Vuze.  Problem is, it doesn't look like it does audio files.  Is there an application that can find hidden Disney music (i.e. the esplanade loop at Disneyland, the loading music for Soarin', etc.) that is Mac approved?  Thanks in advance. 
err..I don't know for certain (no mac) but vuze (auzureus) should download any kind of data , video,audio,picture,pure name it

maybe you're doin something wrong ... there is no "hidden audio feature"  ???
Er, when you say "doesn't look like it does audio files", what exactly do you mean. Have you read the sticky on how to download torrents using a client?
It may be that you are doing something wrong.
Download the torrent file, open it in your client (Vuze etc) and the audio file should download.
Nothing is "hidden" - use the search facility in the torrent section to find what you want.
Don't try and search using Vuze (or other program/site etc) though. It won't find anything as this is a members only site, not a public one.
You do have the Mac version of Vuze? (I think there's a version for Windows and a version for Mac)
There's also (I believe) a version of utorrent for Mac as well (I'm also PC not Mac).
Maybe try that? It's much simpler than Vuze (I gave up using Vuze when it changed from Azureus and got all the bells and whistles).
If you could describe what you are doing and what happens, it may help us to help you better.
Too much guesswork at the moment.
I have a Mac and use Vuze. It downloads everything just fine, so long as you have a torrent to direct it. Agree that more information regarding the issue is required to diagnose.