HD Cam update - Aiptek A-HD 1080p camera


Hey gang,

Just to let you know, I sold my Kodak Zi6 and got the Aiptek A-HD. There are a few versions of this under the same name, but this guy records 720p @ 60fps, and also 1080p @ 30fps. So far, it's pretty nice. It does low light acceptably well, and does a fairly solid picture at 1080p. It's cheap (got mine on Black Friday for $80 at Walgreens) but is the best of the HD solid state cams I've found.

It's not the best HD around, but it's close to what you'd see compressed via digital HD cable. For cheap and solid HD, I highly recommend it. If anyone wants me to upload a quick sample vid, I'm happy to...
I'd like to see a sample .. doubt it can compete with a large imager.. but interested non the less  :)
Here are two Sendspace sample clips, both are low light so you can judge. Not an $800 camera, but still pretty nice for the price -

Times Square (good test of dark/light contrast and fine details at a distance) - http://www.sendspace.com/file/20b6ml

Small World Holiday @ DL clip - http://www.sendspace.com/file/71vmes
yeah . checked them .. well they were pretty hard to decode .. vlc player refused to play them on more than 1fps .. only power dvd with hardware decoding could .. they looked pretty good .. I'd convert them down to 720p because most of the fine details were washed out but I guess for 720 the sharpness was ok.. the dynamic range is also very limited (so right spots were all white)
Hmmmm, that's weird. They play beautifully in VLC on my AMD 5600+. Generally speaking, though, I think they're a great alternative to an $800 while prices drop though. I wouldn't record my baby's birth on it, but for in-park recording they ain't too shabby for around $120 or so on eBay.
fbueller said:
Hmmmm, that's weird. They play beautifully in VLC on my AMD 5600+.
I think Dolby has gremlins in his PC!  They come out this time of year, I seen it in the movies!
Well I can't play it either :(
VLC plays the sound but the picture doesn't move (presumably stuck on first frame).
Quicktime does nothing, just sits there.
WMP plays it but in fits and starts and the sound and picture are out of sync by several seconds at the end (not unusual for mine because my PC renders sound faster than pictures).
Nero Showtime is better but still jumpy (and doesn't do justice to the sound as my AVC codec has expired).
Obviously my PC is too slow to play HD stuff. ;D
Was this a direct transfer from camcorder to PC?
I guess my X2 4400+ is showing it's age .. but due to some drastic changes in my life (will announce them soon) I won't buy a new one ...

for now I cn either use hardware decoding or my secondary (and faster) htpc with my E6600
Remember, these are 1080p files which is double a 1080i bitrate. You need a beefy PC to play them. They're the files copied direct from the sd card in the camera, no processing at all.
That's me out then.
My PCs more a rasher of streaky bacon :p
Impressed that there's no processing though.
I  have no way of connecting my camera to my PC (have to record them to disc on a DVD recorder and then rip the DVD to the PC).
Never mind, I'll join the 21C eventually ;D