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When you download these videos that are shot in HD on this site, which are great by the way, thanks for the hard work, do you have to have an HD player for it to work properly? It will play on my laptop but lags really bad. its probably b/c i need a new laptop since mine is ancient, but is there anything i can do to make it not lag? also, when i burn them onto a dvd they wont play on my dvd player. is that because i dont have an HD dvd player or tv?

In order to play HD content, you need more powerful hardware than SD. If you are using a laptop you might be having problem utilizing that power. Make sure that you change your power settings to use high performance scheme. If you set it to balanced or lower it might not be able to run the processor on maximum power causing lag. If you are running on high performance and the CPU (use the task manager) is maxed, you need new hardware (sorry).

You should be able to burn them to DVD and play them on any regular DVD player. That is, if you burn a Video DVD and not a Data DVD. Programs like Nero or even Windows Vista DVD Maker should be able to burn an HD video to a DVD, but it will downgrade the video to normal SD in the process. Depending on the hardware, this will take some time or a long time. www.videohelp.com might be a good place to grab some software or howto guides.

Hope this helps!

As the owner of a steam-powered PC  ::) I'm well used to not being able to watch the HD stuff (1.7G CPU with 1G ram Win XP) with any player (although good old VLC does a fair job).
I have no problems burning them to DVD with Nero 6 and the quality is still as good as any standard DVD (I also have nothing HD capable so no Blu-ray or HD TV) so if you are not already enjoying Blu-ray then you won't notice  ;D
If you want  to watch them on your laptop or slower PC (as I do), save the original HD file somewhere save (external disc or, better still, a data DVD) and use a free program (like Super) to downgrade them to something you CAN play on what you have.
That way you can watch them on your PC and you still have the HD files safe (in case you upgrade things at a later date). You may have to try a few times to find out what your PC will cope with.
As Dajatje says, burning HD to a standard DVD will make the DVD SD so you should be able to play it on a standard DVD player as it is no longer HD (finalize a DVD-R and make compatible but a DVD-RW should play fine right from the burner). The DVD player probably won't play the raw data files (ie just a straight copy of the files you downloaded) unless your DVD is capable of playing that format (mine plays avi files fine but won't "see" Divx etc. Need to look in your DVD players handbook for what it will play.
Been there, done that, got the tee-shirt  ::)
thanks for the help  :)

how do you burn a dvd using Nero? i mean i know there is a dvd feature with it but i can never figure it out properly. i have been using ImgBurn lately for my dvd's. not sure which is better. also i dont think my dvd player will play divx files, so is there a way (preferably free) to convert them? i feel bad converting them since the people work so hard to put these videos up for us so if it is deemed disrespectful to convert i wont and i'll just look for new hardware  :)

thanks again
If you're trying to watch them on your television, I can save you a lot of trouble...


This thing is awesome.  I have the older A-110.  It sometimes struggles with full HD and you might need the newer C-200 to manage them properly.

Also awesome...
heard many good stories about the popcornhour ... I'd personaly go with a HTPC solution .. (mine is rotting away unused in germany  ;D)

but for ease of use .. yeah those hd network players are nice

btw .. I tested it and all my HD videos (wmv and mp4) are playable on a ps3 too
that popcorn hour thing sounds great, however not an option for me right now haha is there a free or cheap software program to convert files or burn video DVD? i have Nero 6 SE but cant figure out how to use that DVD software
the "se" in your nero version sounds like the dvd author feature could be very well missing
yea i checked and my nero version can only do data dvd.

anyone know if ImgBurn burns video dvd? thats what im currently using and wondering if thats the problem
Just Google DVD burner Freeware.

Yes, Dolby is right. With the Nero SE (the one you get included with the burner usually) you only get 30 days or so for burning DVDs free and then it expires and you have to buy a password from Nero to continue to use it - which I did. Mine cost about £18 UK, I think (some years back now - I have Nero 6).
It should be included if you actually buy the program rather than the OEM you get with the burner.