HM Holiday - Queue


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Hey guys,

I've been searching for the track that plays when you're standing in the queue of the Haunted Mansion Holiday at DLR. It sounds like a collection of creepy bells playing together. All I can seem to find are the ride through tracks and the scary carol songs from the album.

Are you perhaps thinking of the Phantom Manor music box (which does play in the HMH queue, and is not on the soundtrack CD)? That's available in the Haunted Mansion Unauthorized 36th Anniversary torrent, or, to save time, right here by itself. :)
Happy Holidays everyone!!!!!!!

Now here is the question of the season. I just downloaded the torrent titled HMH_RARETIES. It was a good try, but it's something I also tried and got the same poor quality results. There has to be someone out there who has the ENTIRE HMH Soundtrack without narration. I use the Danny Elfman background music for my halloween display here at the house, and it's a huge hit......but when you listen to the actual ride audio, there's more to the music than what I already have. Make sense to anyone? Does anyone have access to just the music????  ???
what people have from the elfman version is pretty much what was available on the CD. the reason everyone has a bunch of other stuff from the goodwin version is because a lot of it was leaked via disneyland's website and they were much more controlling about it the second time through.
yeah, that's what I figured. Just sucks because I love the updated music, and it totally works with my halloween layout (i even have a lifesize jack skellington in a santa suit and the x-mas countdown clock) What's nice is nobody recognizes where the music came from........might try to tinker with a couple of audio editing programs to see if I can get better results. If anyone has any clue where to find just the audio, please let me know.

I already use the main street x-mas loop for my outdoor christmas decorations..this would kind of complete my holiday wish list....  ;D