How to create a torrent and post it



I would like to know how I can create a torrent and publish on the website...
Can someone help me ?
You need special permission to be able to upload a torrent.
First of all you need to contact a mod and tell them what you have to upload (bearing in mind things like rules over availability and quality). If hey agree that it's wanted, they will upgrade your status from member to uploader and a new "upload" button will appear on the index page.
If that goes through, you create a torrent with your client (Utorrent or whatever), upload the torrent file (not the full file) and then re-downlod the new torrent file provided by mousebits. add it to you client and it will then seed to other members.  ;D
If it's a small (under 200mb) and falls within the rules, you can post to a free fileshare site (like mediafire) and post the link to it in the forums with a request that an existing uploader make the torrent.
It's quite usual to do the latter first and then become an uploader later when they have had a chance to sample things (an make sure they are not just rips from Youtube etc).
Hope this helps.
Please make absolutely sure that you do not ever post anything that is commercially available. That is a Mousebits major no no. If you can presently buy it from Disney, it is not allowed. If it is out of print, then it is ok. If you ever have any questions as to whether it is commercially available or not, just ask the other members on Mousebits.
Are the Disney shows allowed ? As Marry Poppins Happening, Disney Showtime Spectacular....etc... ? There are not saled.
Indeed. We also aim for high quality. Live audio recordings are normally not wanted unless they are rare or special. Similarly, single shot videos of something that is available hundreds of times on YouTube are best uploaded elsewhere too.
I have :

Disney Show Time Spectacular (CD quality)
It is party Time with Mickey and Friends (CD quality and some small part in Live but good live)
Les méchants Disney font leur halloween Show (CD quality)
Pixar Play Parade with Spiel
Mickey's Showtime
Star n cars DLP
Mickey's Winter Wonderland
Parade of Dreams (23min14s)
Wet n wild pirate nite
Just a quick question 77CWFA.
These are not rips from radio stations or Youtube or anything like that are they?
The "quality" refers to the content and production, not the bitrate they are recorded in - if you follow - and they don't allow radio rips. If you have OOP CDs or rehearsal discs, that's fine, of course - or your own recordings (from source, CDs, Induction etc) .
If you could let us know, that would be great and speed things up.
Oh okay... when I said "CD quality" I wanted to say not in live. I have musics without peoles's voice. Others taken on youtube with great quality. You'll can see if I have the permission to post. Sorry for my imprecision :(

I hope I'll bring you new parts of music to complete a little more your collection.

I think it's where you got them from that they will want to know. Youtube rips are not allowed by the way, regardless of quality - you need to post the original Youtube link instead. Mousebits won't allow torrents of stuff you find on the likes or radio station streams or Youtube, you see, regardless of how good they are. Utilidors streams some excellent stuff but you won't find them here.
The CD stuff you have (providing it's out of print and not available on the current CDs should be fine). The Youtube stuff, I'm afraid, isn't allowed here regardless of how good it is.
As far as I know, DLRP only has the 20 year CD available at the moment.
This is what is on the current park CD so not allowed.
1. Magic Everywhere
2. Do You Believe
3. Dancin' A Catchy Rhythm
4. All Around the World
5. Just Like We Dreamed It
6. Halloween-Halloween
7. It's Halloween-Lo-Ween
8. Moon
9. Moon Reprise
10. Circle of Life
11. Chante C'est Noel
12. La-Di-Da Carnival
13. C'est l'Année de Toutes les Fetes
14. 10th Anniversary Song
15. La Fete Magique de Mickey
16. Claque des Doigts
17. Animagique Song
18. Yo Ho
19. It's a Small World
20. Magic Everywhere (instrumental)
Okay no problem for youtube. I wont post any Youtube music.

"As far as I know, DLRP only has the 20 year CD available at the moment." There are serveral current CDs that are still sold in Disneyland Paris.

They only had two for sale last August in the main park. The new parade music and the 20th CD. Closing the CD section in the storybook store has greatly reduced where you can buy them. I could find no other CDs for sale anywhere although I didn't visit the studios and I'm sure they would have the Studios CDs still for sale. The mail order section didn't have anything else either. Do you know which ones are still available then?
Over the last few years they were selling the parades en musique and the parc en musique CDs and a small selection of singles (Fantillusion, Princess stuff) and the Halloween and Christmas ones generally come out around now. The two musique ones were noticeably absent even by the tills in the Emporium and each time I asked I was told they no longer sold the others any more and there was no longer any central shop to buy them from - nor DVDs. The two current CDs were on sale at most checkouts but not any others.
Les parades en musiques , Small World, Disneyland Parc en musique are still selling. I think I see cd with a princess on it... and the Halloween single I think (I will return in 2 weeks I'll do the list). As you say in August they add the 20th anniversary CD (Riduculus CD....) and Magic Everywhere single. The studios CDs are not avaible :( Also, They sale film music as Cars 2.

Disneyland Parc en musique and Les Parades en musiques are sold only in emporium and Kodak shop.
You can still post the links to the YouTube videos.

These two are by James Hamer-Morton (aka volvi1) who seems to have access to the rehearsal CDs for the shows:
Disneyland Paris - New Gen Show 1080p - Disney's Showtime Spectacular - L'incroyable Rendez-Vous
Disneyland Paris - New Gen Show 1080p - Disney's Showtime Spectacular - L'incroyable Rendez-Vous

It's Party Time With Mickey and Friends - Disneyland Paris
(this one has more live audio mixed in)
It's Party Time With Mickey and Friends - Disneyland Paris
Shows how much the CMs know then!
I must admit, I didn't visit the Kodak shop in Main Street this year (took a stack of batteries with me). The Emporium didn't have them and yes, the princess one (La Musique de la parade des Princesses) which came out in 2003 has been on sale since but was missing in August (possibly the CDs were just out of stock as DLRP is rubbish at restocking stuff and always have been).
Looking at the New Generation Show, this never came out on CD for some reason.
The rehearsal CD is a good alternative. Thanks Pixelated.
Nice to see it from the front too. I was always on the ramp to the Castle filming it from behind!
Are you sure the Disney Princess CD was missing ? Cause I was in DLP from 1st to 31 august and I think I saw it.

Yes, as I said, they only had the parade CD for sale (the Park CD came out after I was there (7-10 August) and I was repeatedly told that was the only one they did at the Emporium, Sir Mickey's, the shops in Frontierland (which usually stock the DVD too) and several other outlets in Main St. and also the Hotel Disneyland store and both east and west plaza stores. I did only ask on three of the days though  :D
I gave up after that. The Halloween-lo-een and Chante c'est Noel CDs tend to come out in season each year of course.
I've often been told "oh we are out of that but we'll have more next week" which isn't much help when you are there for four days.
Then, of course, they bring out the new 20th CD at the END of the high season (as they usually do). I reckon DLRP don't want to make sales!
20 years experience!
Anything really important I buy from the mail order.
Saves the disappointment on the day  :D