How to record the hotel tv stations on a Mac.


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Greetings everyone!

Today I just booked my trip for WDW in June! I am soo excited! I want to recored the internal hotel stations while I am there, but not sure how to do so. I will have a macbook with me to do so. Any tips from people who have done this / know how to do this?

Thanks a ton!!

I'm not a Mac person, I don't think video capture is built in though.  I bought a capture device.  I think they are all still "broadcasting" in analog, howeer many of them also broadcast in digital.  You should probably pick up a capture device that can handle both.

Then follow the directions that come with the device.
back in the 90's i totally got the performa 6220 instead of the 6200 just because it had a tv tuner built in. that was so weird at the time. i don't think i ever used it but once but i thought it was the coolest thing in the world =D

anyways, yes you'll need a tv tuner. Short of that, I've rigged up some interesting alternatives such as RGB cords into my camcorder and then hooking the dv connection up to my computer so I can record it just like i was ripping a VHS tape or something.
Out of pure curiosity, do all the TVs in the US park hotels  have either output plugs or some way of plugging recorders into them?
I've had a few mentions that it's possible but just wondering exactly  how they are set up.
You see, the TVs in the DLRP hotels are hard wired (cable of some sort comes in to the TV  from the wall directly wired to the TV - no plugs etc). Not even an off switch on the TV (you switch to standby via the remote when you go out) I presume it's some sort of internally-run cable TV so no other method of recording other than filming the screen.   :(
Yes, I looked all over the set - nothing!
Didn't really think taking the back off was a good idea (especially since the mains power is also directly attached - unless the plug is behind the cupboard).  ;)
At least the newer resorts, SSR and AKL have a COAX from the wall into the TV.  I didn't notice anything out from the TV so you'll need to capture from the COAX cable.  As I mentioned, there seems to be both an analog and digital signal currently.

They also have some sort of box that you can plug your camcorder composite output into to see what you've recorded that day on the big screen.  I don't think that resort TV goes into that box.

The US resorts are NTSC.  Maybe that box will conver a PAL signal to the TV, I didn't try that.