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I love this site, and have been able to enjoy some great music.  Thank you!  However, now and then I will be able to download a playlist, but the file won't open to play.  Any ideas on how to fix this issue?
you basically download a playlist, not the audio its self so no real file is being played. Therefore no actual music file really exist. You need the actual audio because a playlist is basically a list of songs where plays in order where ever the song is located in your computer.
By playlist, I take it you mean torrent? There aren't any playlists here (usually m3u files).
The torrent only contains the details of where the files are.
You need a client like uTorrent or Vuze  to actually obtain the files themselves.
(Download the torrent, open it in the client and the client will download the actual files onto your PC)
See the sticky thread http://www.mousebits.com/smf/index.php?topic=447.msg2780#msg2780
Sorry, I'm still a newbie at this.  I have been using BitTorrent, and until recently that has worked fine.  However, I have downloaded a couple of torrents, and when I try to open them with iTunes, they won't play.  If I try to open them with BitTorrent as suggested by someone else, they still won't open.  Again, they have downloaded fine it appears, I just can't open them which is frustrating.  As always, thanks for all the help you folks provide....much appreciated!
OK, lets run through some things here step by step.
Firstly, what have you downloaded (name of torrent) that won't play?
What programs have you tried to get them to play and, most important, what format are they (mp3, flac, avi etc).
It may be that you lack the correct codecs to play the files - that's why I ask you to tell us which files you are having problems with.
Also, have the files actually finished downloading OK (partially downloaded files won't play).
You could also try moving the files to another folder and redownload them just in case something went wrong.
Lastly, in Bittorrent, if you highlight the item, there should be a tab at the bottom of the page which says things like tracker, peers etc and one should be files. Does that show as a full bar (ie  completed)?
Sorry for all the questions but we need them ALL answered if we are to  help you.
The basic line is that the files are OK so there's something in your setup that's not right so a bit of a detective job to find out what.
Don't worry, we'll find it - we've probably all been through this in our early days.  ;)
Here's an example:  Using BitTorrent, I downloaded the Disneyland Forever torrent.  I double-checked, and it has completely downloaded.  When I try to open the audio playlists with iTunes, nothing happens.  If I try to open the playlists with BitTorrent, it says  it is an invalid torrent.  It is an M3U audio file.  Thx for all your help and patience with this newbie to the kum-pew-tur world...  ;D
I think the forever project is FLAC.  Are your audio players capable of playing FLAC files?  I don't think an M3U playlist is limited to mp3 files...
When I downloaded the forever project, I got a folder full of the files. You should have the same.
One of those folders contains the m3U files.
Now, the files themselves are Flac.
You need to ensure that your default player can play flac files or the m3u files do nothing.
My default player is Musicmatch Juke box (well I like it)  :p
If I open an m3u file on my PC, it tries to open it in that program.
With me so far?
Musicmatch does't play flac files so nothing happens. (that's probably why you are getting the error message).
If I want to play via the m3u files, I need to right click the  m3u file  and "open with" and then select a player that CAN play flac files. I could, of course, make that player (in my case foobar or winamp) the default player and that would just open them as expected.
This should (I hope) solve the problem.
Please let us know.
No problem. Always ready to help if we can.
We just hate the idea of someone not being able to play their Disney stuff  ;D
hi eyore
            if you dont mind me asking....which version of musicmatch jukebox are you using ?

is it a pre yahoo version ?

I like jukebox for Cataloging , naming and adding meta-data to all my music tracks
My version was given to me by Noah when he stepped off the ark  ;D
Actually it's version 6.00.4044 (the free version that records).
The later versions don't record/convert unless you buy it. The drawback is that it's not compatible with IE over version 6 (just won't work). As I use Firefox, that doesn't worry me.
Records streaming audio from the soundcard - if you can hear it, you can record it.
I'm staying with it as it's so easy to use. It's also handy as it converts mp3/wave and I have a nifty little wave splitter called CDwav (again, the very old free version) which is great for splitting BGMs into single tracks.
Sometime the old stuff is good.
eyore could you send me a pm please I have tried both emailing you and sending you a pm , just a wee thing I want to ask you lol  ;)