"Magic Kingdom Parades and Shows Compilation" torrent removed?


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Hey there, hi there, ho there,

Has the following torrent been removed?
"Magic Kingdom Parades and Shows Compilation"

There is a link to it in the description for "Music from the Magic Kingdom"

I tried fixing the URL to call index.php instead of calling details.php and I got the "Bad ID!" error message.
I searched the torrents and nothing matches that name.  Thanks!

Is it this one?
The link you quoted is, I think, one from before the update of the site and those don't work any more.
I get a "non-direct access" message which is what I expected.
If it's not, I'm afraid it's gone and, personally, I don't remember seeing the title you mentioned (otherwise I would have it)  ;D.

Give this one a shot....  Think this might be what you're looking for...

I have the "Disneyland Parades and Shows" and "Martin MK Stage Shows and Parades" torrents so I think Eyore is correct, the "Magic Kingdom Parades and Shows Compilation" torrent is gone.  Oh well...  Thanks for the replies!
I am not sure where to post this question, but I was wondering if it is possible to obtain a better copy of Disneyland's "Imagine...A Fantasy in the Sky Fireworks" and exit music than the one posted in the Disneyland Parades and Shows Torrent. This is my favorite music from any Disneyland fireworks show. It should be noted that there was a version that was slightly extended that was presented at the beginning of the summer of 2004 and the host voice in the show was the fairy-god mother from Cinderella, not this other voice. I actually prefer the extended version better in part because of this and the Imagine theme was extended a bit at the beggining.
the voice was the lady who does the blue fairy, but was not presented as such she was just a random narrator. I still can't stand the way she sounds in just about anything they've had her do at Disneyland other than Luminaria, but she was replaced like a few weeks later almost.. although she's back replacing the elderly lady for Believe...in Holiday Magic which I'm not happy about either =P

But I don't remember it being extended at all, neither from the videos I've watched. Only other change I remember is later on right before the 50th they put it out with the same name but it was just fantasy in the sky with a disney song medley ending patched together that wdw had used for a while.