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For whatever reason, I've never been able to start a torrent download from Mousebits.  Current  software (Deluge) just reports " Error": when I attempt anything.  Account is valid / active, and I did a test linux download to verify all was working on the torrent side.

Any thoughts on what I can check / try?  Thanks for your help. 
one of the admins should be able to help, but if that doesn't work, I would suggest just getting another mousebits account.
I have two old torrents that seeded properly but three others that will not seed.  I can see a client waiting for those torrents but my client refuses to seed. ???
I haven't found any detailed info on how torrent clients negotiate with each other and decide to seed or not seed.  It seems to be a dark art :(  I assume it depends on the specfic torrent clients and how they implement the torrent protocol.

Rodinia, which torrent are you trying to download and which version of Deluge are you using?  I can get my own copy of Deluge and then see your Deluge client will talk to my Deluge client.