Need help registering in these sites

If someone has an account in the following websites and can give me an "Invite" to at least one of them I would really appreciate it. I need an invitation because they are all private communities, meaning i can't just create an account without the invite.

Here are the sites:

Soon as someone has an invite i will post my email to process the invitation.

*edit by Dolbyman: I don't think we should "promote" adult websites (as to the sites FAQ) even though they are invite only
maybe someone can instead help me find the film i need instead of giving me an invite.
I need a film starring Ann Miller & William Wright called Eve Knew Her Apples 1945
Probably right. Seems pretty hit and miss whether you actually get a copy or not. I had problems with a similar site (I paid by Paypal and they refunded my money without question - obviously dealt with the site before). Sometimes it's worth taking the chance if you really want something but it really is a case of caveat emptor
The general consensus is that, once someone orders something, they then look for a source to rip it from for you (ie made to order) be that VHS or a recording from TV. Some items are probably impossible to obtain. Generally you don't get it but, as I say, using PayPal it may be worth a shot if you don't mind the hassle. Personally I wouldn't risk using them for anything obscure enough to have to use them.
AFAIK that movie has never been released but was shown on the Turner Classic Movie channel some time back so the best to hope for is  a rip of that showing somewhere. Chances of that are pretty slim here I think.