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Just discovered Mouse Bits and am very excited to explore! I'm having a little difficulty navigating the site... How do I actually download/listen to these playlists? Is there something else I need to download? Thanks so much!
The playlists in the forums here are usually comprised of music that is available for purchase and thus are not shared directly as audio. Some playlists may have live or induction recordings that you can download, but these are meant to be reference recordings, and the quality will not be as good as the source tracks. You can create playlists on a streaming service or buy the individual songs to listen to them.

The bulk of the audio here is shared as torrents, and this is done outside of the forums section. You will need a torrent client; if you don't have one, I recommend qBittorrent. A good place to start once you are looking at the list of torrents is to sort by S descending. That will sort the torrents by the number of seeders (people who are actively sharing the torrent) so that you see the most popular/widely-shared torrents.