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Hi guys, new here.

I think I've got it down, but my downloads are very, very slow.  A file of about 50 mbs is taking about 1.5 hrs to download.  I am on verizon broadband--wondering if anyone has any help to speed me up(or is this normal)--thanks.
There's little you can do to speed things up - it's all down to the tracker.
maybe just check you haven't restricted your upload/download speeds though (there's a setting in there somewhere).
Maybe there just aren't the fast servers on anywhere. It happens.  :(
I tend to get speeds around the 30kbps range (although I can get several hundred from some places). Occasionally I can get just 5 or 6 kbps.
The number of seeds, peers etc will also affect the speed.
uTorrent has a setting whereby if you manually drop your upload rate below 6kbps, your downloads are limited as well.

Download speed depends almost totally on seeders and their available bandwidth.