PM Issue


I received a PM but it won't let me read it. I get a popup asking if I want to see my PMs . When I select yes the popup comes back in a continous loop. The only option is to cancel the popup. Is this an issue for everyone?

I have tried several things including using different browsers but nothing seems to help.

Thanks! :)
This has been an ongoing issue with Mousebits for years now, it's a little frustrating but here's what I've done to view my messages:

- Continue to hit Cancel on PM Alert Message
- Navigate and click on Mailbox
- Once on Mailbox, select your most recent message- should be at the very top of the message dialogue.
- Under your profile info, you'll see three things labeled as such: Mousebits > Personal Messages > Sent Items. Click on Personal Messages. This should begin to show your inbox, rather than your outbox.

Hope this helps for ya! I'm sure this will be addressed by wcool as well :)