Printing HM 36th Booklets.

why don\'t yu tell us ho you managed to print them right .. maybe others might have the same problem :)
Is ther a problem with the books I don\'t know about? The way I print them is to print them centered on double side paper, flip it over and print the other page. Okay not clear enough.

Print Cover (1)-Page 8 centered
on the other side print page 7-2 centered

Print page 4-3 centered
on the other side print page 4-5 centered.

Fold them and put together an 8 page booklet.

Unless there\'s another problem...

Let me know.
I was using ExpressIT 2.1. It is very good for the disc labels and inserts, and has a good calibration facility.

But when I tried to get the booklet pages to print I kept getting it wrong.

so this method worked for me using ExpressIT SE 2.1

So I marked the corners of each page. in top left corner. Swithed from CD label lay out to CD Wallet.

1) Load picture 1-8
2) rotate 270 (Right click on image to obtain option)
Resize image to just a shade smaller than black outline. (Aviod using the corner reshaping objects)

3) Print.

4) New page.

5) Load image 2-7 rotate 90 degrees.

6) Resize as above.

7) Insert paper with the marked corner now on the underside of top RIGHT CORNER.

8 ) Print.

Then repeat load 3-6 rotate 270, load 4-5 rotate 90.

I found the programme, which I belive is a free download very easy to use once I@d played.

With the actual disc labels expand the image so that there is no sign of any black edge on the print preview view.

The back insert needed to be slightly inside the outlines as did the booklets.

I got there in the end.

Thanks Destino, sometimes the obvious is the best.

PS The moon on the Tray Back provided a nice frame for some \"photshopped \" images of my daughter.
Glad you worked it out. That\'s a complicated way, but, hey why not? The tray backs were designed by GRINNING GHOST, not me, and I never thought about making a neat picture frame. NOW, I will! Thanks for that cool suggestion!
Your right about the booklets being complicated, but its the software for the labels I use and the templates work fine for most jobs (except multipage booklets).
although this thread is 7 years old  ::) what about the watermarking on the free version?