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Hi there, everyone.  I'm brand new here, so pardon me if this is out of place, but I was wondering if one of you might be able to point me in the direction of a particular song.  I am not sure where to start looking.  Anyways, the song I am looking for is the bagpipes song at Epcot (world showcase lagoon) that plays a few minutes before the fireworks show (not Off Kilter).  I have been going there for years and the song plays the same time every night.  I wish I could here it more than once a year though.  Thanks in advance for your help.

This would be better in the request thread, but no worries!

If it was 2004 or after it could be Bierdna by Hedningarna, or the original loop with They Were Dancing Barefoot by Yehuda Poliker.

Have a look here
Sure, the song is called "Busindre Reel" by hevia and is available here

from "Illuminations- Reflections of Earth Pre-Show BGM"