Quick Guide to Uploading Torrents on AZ


This is a quick guide to uploading torrents with Azureus. I only use Azureus, so someone else can write guides for the other programs.

1. First choose the file or directory you wish to upload.
2. Click on File, then New Torrent.
3. Make sure http://www.dc-torrents.com/announce.php is showing in the Announce URL box.
4. Click Single File or Directory depending on what you are uploading.
5. Click Next at the bottom of the window.
6. Click Browse to find the file or directory you wish to upload.
7. After you\'ve chose your file, click Next at the bottom of the window.
8. On the next window, set the location to save the .torrent file. Make sure that the .torrent file does not have any apostrophes (\') in it. The tracker doesn\'t like apostrophes. I recommend saving the .torrent files to an easy directory to find. I have made a directory on C: called Torrent Files.
9. Make sure that \"Open Torrent for seeding when done is unchecked.\"
10. Click on the the Finish button at the bottom of the screen.
11. Click Close when it is finished hashing the file.
12. Next, go to DC Torrents. Click on Upload at the top of the screen. (Assuming you have upload priveleges) If you can\'t upload, you have to PM SirLamer.
13. Click Browse to find the Torrent File that you just created.
14. Choose the category of the torrent. (This is required.)
15. Put in a meaningful File Name for the Torrent.
16. Type a description of the Torrent.
17. Click Send.
18. On the next screen, click \"Download PID\" This will open an Azureus Window asking you where to save the file.
19. Click Browse and make sure that it is pointing to the folder where your File is. If you are uploading a folder, you have to make Azureus point to the folder ABOVE the folder you are seeding. For example: if you are seeding c:\\disney\\epcot music, you need to make Azureus point to c:\\disney. Azureus will find the folder \"epcot music\" If you are seeding a file- for example c:\\disney\\epcot music\\entrance loop.mp3, then you need to have Azureus point to c:\\disney\\epcot music. This is a very important step. If at first you don\'t succeed on pointing to the right place, try a different folder.
20. Click Ok or Finish.
21. Your File should show up in Azureus\'s Download box first. It should say checking.
22. After a few seconds (Depending on how large the file is), the file should drop down into Azureus\'s Upload box and say \"Seeding.\"
23. If Azureus tries to download the file (Impossible because you are the only seed at this point), then go back and make sure you have followed all instructions. (You may have to remove the Torrent and try again).

Hopefully this is helpful to Azureus users. :)

Edit: Updated to include more detailed instructions on making sure that Azureus is looking in the right place for your file.
Good Job on the uploading instructions. Smaller and more direct than the last one I posted on the old tracker.

Good Job!!! :thumbsup:

Note that on this site, only people who have been granted persmission to upload torrents may seed so. Currently, those who wish to upload must PM me.
Check out updated step #19. Make sure that Azureus is pointing to the correct file or folder. If you are uploading a folder, Azureus has to point to the folder ABOVE the folder you are uploading. If you point Azureus to the folder you are uploading, it will create another folder of the same name underneath your chose folder and will try to download the folder (impossible).

I hope this helps!!!