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Hello all, just joined today and I am super excited. I'm a very experienced user of torrents, but I want to make sure I'm following all of the site rules before I download anything. Is there a site wiki or rules thread that I can read through so I know what ratio I need to keep at certain levels, etc?

I'm on my phone right now so maybe that's why I can't find it on my own.

there's nothing actually written down as such. Basic rules are:
Nothing commercially available that you can buy from main retailers like Amazon, iTunes etc whether as CD or download. They get cross if you ask.
Nothing that's too new as regards park music
That applies not only to uploading but also posting links to sites that deal with available stuff or to fileshare sites where they may be.

As a downloader, if it's here you can download it.
As a matter of courtesy, don't repost stuff elsewhere without asking ;)

I'm sure others will post other rules that have slipped my mind.
The stuff here is really park related and not just Disney in general.
Pretty much what Eyore said.

We're a community so we like to share, not trade or deal.

Seed what you can to keep things ticking over but don't worry if you can't all the time.

Welcome and enjoy.
Thanks for the reply marni1971.  I seed all of my torrents 24/7.  I'm running a Synology made Network Attached Storage with 10TBs of space.  If I download something, I'm going to keep it seeded for a long long long time to come

Hey... Synology.  I was think about a NAS box myself.  How long have you had this NAS?  Pros and cons?  Thanks!