"Seed Wanted Torrent"


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I was curious how torrents are added to the "Seed Wanted Torrent" list.  It looks like the Requests forum is for torrents/files that aren't available already so that doesn't seem to be the right place to ask.  Is it automated?  The site software detects that N number of clients want to download a torrent but there are no seeders currently for that torrent so the software adds that torrent to the list?
I do believe it is automated. I don't know much about torrents, but it seems that when there are no seeders for a particular file, it announces it to the tracker, which automatically updates it here. Once in a while we don't have any seed-wanted torrents, and I have to tell you the site looks much different when we don't.  ;D

So there you have it, an embellishment on what you already said.
I often wonder when it says "seeds 0(1) how it knows that the seed(s) are there as they are not connected otherwise, (presumably) you would be downloading.
I had one file where it showed 0(1) for around a week and then it started - seeds 1(1).
maybe they are just busy but connected.
Ah, the wonders of computers.
Much to complicated for me. :p
Computers have not made my life any simpler. They're fun, but we all know what happens when you have too much of a good thing.