Seeding all torrents


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Long time MouseBits user here. In fact, a few years ago I went through and systematically downloaded every torrent and file, with the intention of seeding everything for others.

Well, I have all of the content still, but I lost the torrent files. Is there any way to download them all quickly, rather than manually going one by one?

Second, all of the content is currently just dumped into one big folder, no organization. Is there any way, when opening the torrent in a program, to have it search a folder and subfolders for the content? I would like to try and organize things, but don't want to go through and locate every single file individually

Want to get this figured out and go back to seeding things for everyone! Thanks!
I am currently doing the same and used the DownThemAll! browser extension to download all of the torrent files. You will need to go through all 78 pages of torrents, but this will let you download all 25 torrent files on a page at a time.

I am not aware of any torrent client that searches recursively for content. I have everything saved in one folder as well, save for a few torrents that have filename collisions that I dumped in subfolders exclusively for those.