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Is the site down, or just a problem with my local connection (have tried in several browsers, computers... some return a blank page, ONE actually does give an error)?

The forums work, but the index isn't... go figure.
Drat... haven't gotten it to work since I tried updating my email address, and it's down for every computer in the house.  Oh well.
Been on and off the site several times in the last few hours without a problem.
That being said, I have had a few connection issues with everything over the last few days (having to switch router on and on again) but today seems fine so I suspect a local issue for my problems.
Yeah, waiting until after work to troubleshoot the setup.  Until them, just give me a heads-up if there's a good torrent posted, or someone says something of interest in the shoutbox.  ;-)
Does that include references to bacon  ;D
Seriously, mainly discussing LED lights there at the moment.

Here you go  ;)
As a thought, have you tried logging out and logging in again? I seem to recall someone else having similar problems a while back.
Worth a shot (and maybe deleting any cookies from mousebits).

LEDs may have the dimming loss, but when you're talking color control, LEDs win hands down. How much time do you need for your lights? If you've got the time then the imports would work for you.
03/11/2011 18:31:20 | Kevin:
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03/11/2011 14:58:06 | BPBfan:
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Unfortunately I didn't have the option for twinkling LEDs at the store...but thank you for the suggestions ;) I'll remember next time I have to make this decision
03/11/2011 13:50:53 | pyrotech:
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Actually LED's are not as controllable as incandescents, in terms of simple dimming you have to build curves, also the different colours have different forward voltages, which means messing with in line resistors.  And cost, pop into your local walmart and compare  mini incandescents v led . 
03/11/2011 02:41:24 | Wizzard419:
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I would say all christmas lights only look good in the dark though. The benefit of the LEDs is that they can use a large scale setup (like the castle) and be able to have finer controll over it. The biggest problem with LED (though it has been fixed) is that to get the warm glow you need to have the light bounce off something else.
03/11/2011 00:12:07 | eyore:
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That being said, they don't allow bulbs over 40w to be sold in the UK now.
03/11/2011 00:11:22 | eyore:
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and they only look good in the dark and tend not to light up the surrounding areas. As they are smaller (LEDs) they need to be nearer the viewer, I think. The warmth of real bulbs is better for more distant things (like a castle).
02/11/2011 23:55:13 | Wizzard419:
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That and, the light from an LED is more piercing. They look great in large number but unless you're going to do something cool with them, they lose a lot of the charm when used in/on the home since they lack the incandescant "Warmth".
RocketRodsXPR said:
Drat... haven't gotten it to work since I tried updating my email address, and it's down for every computer in the house.  Oh well.

I updated my email address and can no longer get the main page to load.  I can obviously get the forums to work just fine.
Once I cleared my cookies the main page started right up.. I had this happen on all my iOS devices and firefox.  The trigger seems to have been when i updated my email address.  After I clicked on the email confirmation I was no longer able to view the main page.
Clearing the cookies did help (though didn't explain why the other computers couldn't access in the meanwhile)... as explained, I was still working at the time, so couldn't exactly clear that info and still maintain connection with my work site/chat as needed.
When this happens, it generally means that, for some reason, the page failed to load properly (maybe because of updating something) and the unloaded page gets kept in the PC in the cache along with all those other little things to speed up the next time you visit.
That means the PC loads it from the cache and loads the dud page.
Clearing cookies and cache usually clears it as the PC has to download the full page again from scratch as the old, dud page, has been deleted.
It could, of course, mean that the site was having a small problem when you tried to load the page or that there was a temporary outage of your server (more likely) so each PC loaded the dud page. It happens. From then on it keeps loading from the cache.
The joys of the Internet.
Probably a combo of everything -- a 1 minute down time, tried on three computers... then the site was up by the time I asked (but was back on my primary, work computer, without the chance to clear the cookies).  :p