So let me get this right...

I know everyones probably so sick and tired of answering these "how do you do it" questions but i think i got it down, just need to double check because im that paranoid and the MOST computer illiterate person you'll ever meet ;)  btw im on a windows vista.

First i go and download utorrent. Its giving me different options: utorrent stable(1.8.2), utorrent beta (1.8.3), and Language pack. So which one do i choose? Are there any other easier options?

After i downloaded that, can i come back here and start downloading the torrents i want and open them with utorrent? Or what do i need to do to get to that point?

So is that all it takes?  :D
thank you
I don't use uTorrent (Vuze is the one I started and stuck with), but I think your best bet sounds like the "stable" 1.8.2 version. Beta is usually a not-yet-complete but publicly testable version of the next upgrade, and sometimes will have bugs (sometimes, but not always).

Not sure what the language pack is ... if it asks about language to use though, English is probably a good choice if you speak/read it. ;)

After it's all set up, all you need to do is download a torrent file off here and open it in the program, and it does the downloading for you. :)
I've just downloaded uTorrent 1.82 (after my fiasco wit the latest Vuze version) and have actually found it faster (although I'm not yet seeding as much on it). Yes, the other version is still being tested by us, the public so there may be some bugs still in it. Be safe and stick to the 1.82 until they make it an official upgrade.
It seems a lot simpler than Vuze (at least the super-duper updated version of Vuze although I have gone back to an earlier version of that as I'm not interested in all the extras) and is certainly very straightforward to use.
All you really need to do is to type in the folder you want the files downloaded to.
UTorrent will do the rest.
As PL-7764 says, you download the torrent from here and then open it (installing uTorrent will have made the file association for you) - double click it for simplicity.
That will download the actual file (the torrent just tells the client (uTorrent) where the file is held)

Once you have downloaded the file, it will then start to seed to others.
The language pack is just that (English is the default language that comes installed with uTorrent) and is only needed if you want everything in a different language to English.
If you want all the writing in English, you don't need it. If you want it in Arabic or Polish, you need it (43 languages available at the moment).
Any problems at all, post back.
Have fun ;D
One thing about utorrent, is don't trust the connected peer figure (you'll see this when your up and running).  It's rarely correct. It means you think you should be uploading to say 3 peers when there is no actually after the file.

Oh and do not let it set up for your full bandwidth.  Half at most I cope with.