Step 1: Downloading a Torrent (FAQ)


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If you have already downloaded the file, click here to view it.

1. A torrent file does not contain audio or video. It only knows where the data is.

2. Download and install a torrent program.
*The article linked discusses Windows applications, but the 3 main applications can be used on other systems as well. I prefer qBittorrent as it's improved quite a bit since this article was posted.

3. Download a torrent from this site, and then open the torrent file within the program.

4. Your audio or video file will begin to download.

5. When your download is complete, it begins to "seed" or another words, it will upload to other users of this site. It's nice to let it seed for a while so everyone else can get the file, but you don't have to keep it seeding forever.

Any other popular clients or thoughts? Reply to this thread and it may possibly updated some year in the future.
I`ll second TheBeets advice, and post a reply I recently sent to a newbie from WDWMagic;

Bet you thought that file downloaded quickly huh? Now it won`t play in Windows Media Player? Well, you need to install a `client` program. The file you downloaded is just a torrent data file - a very small file that tells a `client` program where to find the actual video. This could be on 1 persons PC, or 10 people could have it. Obviously the more people making it available, or seeding it, the quicker the download will be.
The client program will grab bits automatically from every PC it can until
you have the complete WMV, MPEG or whatever. Once you have the complete
video, you become a seeder yourself (so long as you keep the client program
running) and others can grab bits from you - when you are downloading the
file you are called a `leecher`. That`s the nature of torrents - friendly
file sharing. However, Mousebits only shares files we know are safe - it`s
not a public access hub - and we limit and vet anyone allowed to upload.

So you need a client. I use ABC. Others use Azerus or utorrent. I got ABC from

Once installed, you need to right click on the torrent file you downloaded
and click properties. Then `opens with` an click change. Find ABC (or whatever you installed) on the list and select. Make sure the box is ticked to always open these files with this program. Click apply/ok.

Now when you click on the torrent ABC should open, and ask where you want to
save the video. Then it`ll begin leeching! And you can get my 100+ videos
and tonnes of other stuff too!

Try that.

i have installed uTorrent

when i paste the URL link into "add torrent from url" it always "unable to load....invalid torrent file"

what should i do ?

thanks :)
You have to download the torrent file itself to your hard drive and then open that in utorrent.
Your status is still validating. You should have had a validation email which holds a link you need to click. Check your mail, even the spam folder since it sometimes arrives in there.

Hey there, i'm new to the site, and everytime i try to click download on a file it just comes up with a page that says: You're not authorized to download. Sorry...

Can anyone help me please?
did you click on the confirmation email to validate your account `.. because your still not validated
Hello, I am new here, and I really don't understand what to do in order to listen to the audio that I downloaded. Can anybody give me assistance?
Have you downloaded the actual file via a bittorrent client application or just the torrent file?
If it's a small file of a few kb, that's the torrent file NOT the actual file. Read the first item here again.
If you have used a client, post again in the "technical support" forum - you'll get more responses, I think. ;)
I hope this is the place to ask, but it seems i'm not authorized to access the forums. I'm a newbie.
I've clicked on the confirmation link in the email, and I can download torrents, but I can only see the first-timers forum post, but not the rest.
Please help
You should be able to see the forum for technical assistance and there's thread there "why can't I view the forums". (there's a glitch in the system sometimes)
Post there if you don't get a reply to this and they'll fix it pretty quick ;D
  ??? I haven't downloaded any torrents in about a year. After re-doing my hard drive I re-installed BitTorrent, but I can't get it to work. It doesn't want to download any torrents. Is there something I missed during installation of BitTorrent? Or is it something to do with some settings on my computer? Is it something to do with settings in Preferences in BitTorrent?  ??? I also tried uTorrent, and the same thing is happening.
I'd also suggest trying to download a torrent from another site somewhere.
That should confirm if your ISP is blocking them.
Do you mean torrents (the small files) or the actual files themselves?
You may also have a problem with your firewall blocking them (as you have altered things on your PC).
I'd suggest reposting  this in the Tech forum as some may skip this particular "sticky" which is an instructional guide which not everyone will read.
There's lots of reasons why this could be happening but I use Azureus Vuze so I'm not familiar with the other clients.
Hello! I've downloaded a torrent and used uTorrent. Its 100% done now.
I'm wondering if I can somehow put it on my iPod?
Or is it only for playing on your computer?
what did you download ?

if music/audio: yes .. I think right away .. except for flac that has to be encoded to mp3 or aac
if video: yes .. but if it was no specia ipod package you have to convert it first to fit your ipods resolution and format
Not having an iPod I may be wrong but you will probably have downloaded an ordinary video or audio file. As long as your iPod plays that type of file, you shouldn't have a problem. (but don't ask how to transfer it, I've no idea)  ;D
As Dolbyman says, iPods don't play flac files so use a free conversion progam (Google for one) to change the format.

I have to convert lots of the video to fit on my Archos player as it will only play up to a certain resolution (think it's 720, not sure) so anything in 1080 etc won't play inless I change the resolution.
Again, plenty of free stuff out there to do that (probably Super).
Very little here that's computer only (a few CD Roms and ISOs maybe).
Hey there! I am kind of new to downloading torrents, so I was wondering if someone can answer a question that I was wondering about.

I downloaded a couple of files already, they finished downloading and now they say that they are "seeding". It's been a while since I downloaded them and they still day seeding. Is it suppose to stay like that or is there another step that I have to do??
Seeding means you have them, and are making them available to others who may want them.

It's polite to seed for a while, unless no one is downloading. You can always reseed in the future if someone asks for seeds for a particular file. The more seeders, the quicker the file is obtained.
you won't be able to as you are still validating so not yet a full member. Did you reply to the email you got?