Syncing Space Mountain


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Hello all. I'm new here. After a recent trip to Disney gave me a nostalgic obsession (despite being merely seventeen), I decided to go on a hunt down all I could find about my favorite ride: Space Mountain. In particular I loved the Star Tunnel. Eventually I found Youtube videos and WDWMagic, which together led me to Martin, who led me here. So, I snagged the Forever project and am trying to sync up the Star Tunnel & Entrance Music tracks.
Anyone who has successfully done this have any tips? I'm using Audacity, but changing the timing doesn't seem to be enough. There seems to be a bit of subtle wow and flutter. Why would this be, anyway, on an official release of a song that (I presume by 1998) was already using a digital master with priority on synchronization anyway?

I can only think you've gotten different sources for the files that aren't from the same original source. Happens sometimes. If they all are all timed the same - frames per second or playback rate are usual culprits - they do match. Wow and flutter sometimes points to a track that's too fast or too slow.

The 2 or 3 loops in question (assuming you mean the music outside and in the ramp area, and the first part of the railroad tunnel) perfectly match if you've got the correct start point. I've done it myself.

They are all part of We've Come so Far from 1985. The speedramp exit used to play another two versions of the same some too. The vocal exit version also syncs up with the entry loops too.