Torrent stopped



hi, im dowloading the torrent WDW Railroad and it has stopped. I currently have 9% downloaded but it has stopped there.
im using transmission on a mac if that has any signifgance and this is my first torrent that has sopped in progress.
Hi GrooveMonsters, the problem may be that only 3 people are seeding it, I\'m one of them. My upload is maxed but your not leeching from me. I\'m not positive but your problem may resolve itself as soon as other people seed it or when there is bandwidth available from the existing seeders.

Keep in mind that if you use Azureus, certain members might get banned from downloading from you. Azureus is checking every request it gets and when it encounters an illegal request a couple of times it blocks the user until you reset it.

Dunno if other torrent client have the same security.