Ultimates problem...


Hey guys...

Got this guy having trouble watching the latest ultimates from Martin. Here\'s what his prob is....

------I tried downloading that one DivX Player, and it didn\'t work. The Ultimate Tributes make Windows Media Player Freeze, and the Screen will just stay black with no sound or anything.--------

Any ideas guys? He\'s done divx and that actually didn\'t seem to help. I\'m at a total loss. Are there any other codecs you guys used for compression that may need to be downloaded?

Thanks guys!
I used the latest DIVX codec to encode those videos for Martin. No fancy other stuff.

As Dolby mentioned, a divx codec should do the trick. Dowload the \"divxplay\" package from http://www.divx.com and at least install the codec.

Try uninstalling divx, and look up and install the Xvid codec. If it works, the deblocking filter yields a better image anyway.