WDW TV - March 2005 - Three Channels ??

I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion for copying this torrent to a DVD? According to the comments, SirLamer said to \"copy the video_ts folder, including the folder itself, onto a DVD-R if you want to play it on a DVD player\" but I haven\'t figured out how to do this. I\'ve tried using Nero, but I can\'t get it to work correctly. Is there another program that will work better?
I\'m sure there are different versions of Nero out there, but I have a Nero SmartStart on my computer. Open it up and click on Nero Express. (Or just open Nero Express if that\'s what you have.) Make sure you have your DVD burner selected as the recorder you want to use, then click on \"DVD-Video files\". When it opens there will be two folders. One \"AUDIO_TS\" and one \"VIDEO_TS\". Open the video folder and drag and drop the files from the \"Video_ts\" folder that you downloaded. Click on the \"next\" button and you should be all set. Hope this helps.

I don\'t know of any other program that you can use for burning this type of file. Everywhere I\'ve seen on the internet says to use Nero. Sorry.
Thanks! I was trying to use Nero Burning ROM and it would try to create a menu (even though there was one already there) and it would also combine several of the files. I\'m still experimenting with all of the Nero features in this program (Nero 7 Ultra Edition).
is there anyway to watch that one without burning to dvd? It\'s not in iso format so I dont imagine it can be mounted like the iso\'s can
you can make an ISO image using DVD Shrink. I have done this many a time. Then burn the ISO image to a DVD...

Hope this helps you out...

If you simply want to watch on your computer you can either use Nero Showtime or RealPlayer. Just click on \"open with\" and use either of these programs and you can play the individual files.