Where can one request a Torrent? (Disney Quest)


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1. I was wondering if this site has an area for Torrent requests. If not, is there a site (similar to this one) that does have a requests forum?

2. If you would like to help me, Here's what I've been searching over 6 years for:
  At "Disney Quest" (at least the one in WDW) they play this loop in the "Replay Zone" and Restaurant areas. The loop is of popular animated Disney songs from Hercules, Toy Story, and other hits. The songs are played in various Jazz/synthesized/etherial/electronic/newage styles, and sound amazing. I love to sit and take a break from playing the games in some corner of the dining area and just listen to the music. I was there a year or so ago and they still play it. Please, if anyone knows where I can find it, or how to get it, let me know. My email address is castmemberinformer@yahoo.com

Thank You  :)
There is a request forum, but as your status is still "validating" you won't be able to see it yet. Mention that your status isn't fixed here and a staffer should be along to help out shortly. :)
fixed your status

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