Why isn't the torrents working?


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I tried to donwlaod 3 different torrents and there are no Peers. I have no idea what that means but I think that means this site is dead?  Is there any way to fix it.  The files I tried downloading was Tomorrowland 2055 BGM and Cinderella's golden Carrousel.  I don't know what happened.
UPDATE! Sorry, I am slow since I don't chat much and am not really a people person due to mental issues explained in my intro but I am going to subscribe this thread via Email since I check that device.

Yes there are peers. I went to download Tomorrowland 2055 music and it wouldn't go and the Golden Carousel.  The one that has Disney remixes done in organs. very pretty.    Now I tried the Main Street Electric Parade and it had 3 seeders and 1 leecher and 2 Peers.  slightly off topice:  That is odd, Carousel is spelled with 2 R's at one site while Spell Check shows it with one.  Who is right?

UPDATE!  I checked the 2055 loop and 3 whole peers but it registers as NOTHING! on Get Right. ???   What the heck?  Somethings really screwed up either on the program or the site.  I just can't download anything lately.
I tried downloading Cinderella Carousel after reading this and it's OK and working.
Both spellings are accepted as right (the one with 2 Rs is French, where the word came from but, in other countries, one R is used quite often).
As I said, I just downloaded one of them so the problem doesn't seem to be here. ???