Will the Hypocrite please stand up?


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If you are wondering who the Hypocrite is, it is ME!

"I would not invest into doing 3D videos for 3D TV's just yet. I would not do any 3D Videos unless it was Anaglyph 3d since 3D for TV's is still in it's infancy." Myself on October 19, 2010, 05:31:49 pm

Later This Year I will be buying the Panasonic TM-900k and I will be selling Camcorder and all the extra gear for it. When I do that, I will be purchasing the 3D lens add-on. I will then start to film videos in 3D (Hence the Hypocrite part.) I hope to film 3D films in 3D and Later in 2011 get a 3D laptop to work the videos in 3d.
Nice one.
Mind you, I said the same thing about stereo LPs, color TV, cassette tapes, CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays, digital TVs and home cinema systems.
Fortunately, the wheel had already been established and the lights converted from gas.
With the 3D add-on lenses, can you adjust things like toe-in angle/distance to the zero parallax plane, interocular distance, etc?
Eyore, I will still be releasing videos in Anaglyph 3D. I am just investing into the Technology just to expand my Horzions and I need to get a new laptop, and I want to see TRON: Legacy in 3D sooooo Bad!

Wizzard, I would be a Better politician then most of them now....  But i am going to be going into the field of Weather.
I will not rock the stripper heels because of the following image:


(Tim Curry as Dr. Frankenfurter in The Rocky Horror Picture Show)

I would rather be working for the Government for Weather than be a Politician, but then again I would make stuff get done.
pixelated said:
With the 3D add-on lenses, can you adjust things like toe-in angle/distance to the zero parallax plane, interocular distance, etc?
I don't know, but now i am thinking of sony camera (Sony HDR-TD10) (1500 for 3D at 1080p; rather then 1100 for 3D at 960p)
:)  Welcome to the 3D club - I dove in... 3D Laptop / etc ... I only just purchased the Fuji 3D and it will be with me in 12 days when Im in WDW for 10 days ... Looking forward to it.

As a side note - the new Toshiba Glasses free 3D Laptop looks awesome - Might be selling my nVidia 3D laptop and getting that one .... Just deciding....
I didn't do so well with the anaglyph pics this year - too many guests (which look like ghosts when the 2 pics are combined) to use the take one pic, move 4", take another one method.
Mind you, as it was outside Phantom Manor it may have been appropriate  :D
I've tried watching 3DTV and just can't see myself watching an entire movie in it though.
Maybe one day (when they don't make 2D ones anymore - that's usually the prod I need).
I may well wait for the holographic ones to come out :p

Wizzard, I think I have a digital radio (must look at the handbook) on my mini CD system and I have a HD TV but I don't see the point with a 32" screen. There's no difference - at least not enough for the capital layout involved.
I don't have a cable laid to my house nor can I fit a dish (not without having a huge structure being built about 6 feet long as the direction is wrong to get the signal due to next door's chimney. I'd have to have a mast built. Already tempted so found out.
Clearly, you've never seen the true workers of the government!

What you see in public is this...


Under all that makeup it's actually these people.
@Ghost; Tron: legacy in 3D is pretty decent,  but a fair bit is 2D  .  The new Tron 3 is going to be full 3D    Pretty easy to make a decent 3D anaglyph or SBS, use makeme3d on any film you have and produce a SBS mkv file without colour filters. ,  then play using Power DVD 11.  It automatically plays it as an anaglyph if you don't have a 3D screen on the computer.   

Just mess with the depth option when processing to get the best possible effect.  you can also so use DvdFab or wondershare , but I've found I get best results with Makeme3d. 

Unlike you ghost, I'm not a hypocrite, I let me my daughter buy the bits.......as shes a gadget and film freak... :eek: 

But I have to say I'm converted to 3D tV Samsung.    But not the inbox 2d to 3d conversion.  Save the film to hd then convert myself, gives much better results.

There's something in the description which puts me off that one. You have to watch the videos via the camera according to the comments (for 3D).
There's also the fact that 3D isn't editable with it (so you can't really make your own films - only play them as taken - including the idiots who crawl past the camera when you are filming, the ones who grin at you and so on).
For the price, I'd think I'd want something that I could preserve the films on (say to BluRay disc)  rather than have to play back via the camera only. As it only burns in 2D what's the point of it?
I've been there with videocams that now won't plug into any TV they make now so all sorts of adapters required. Even my "new" digital camcorder needed a little searching to find the right cable to connect it to a DVD recorder.
Ah, the beauty of the old VHS-C cassettes. Into the adapter and play them back. How simple it was  :'(
Whilst on the subject of 3D, anyone watch their park videos using the Pulfrich effect?
OK. only effective with certain motion but it is free and can give some cracking results. Splashmountain10's BTM is pretty good.
I've done a small batch of samples of 2D to 3D conversions to show what is possible, not used copyrighted material, but kept it Disney by snipping a very short segment of Dolby's Kali river Rapids .

The untitled avi is the original segment,  then there are 3 mp4's with the depth perception altered (done on makeme3d) and finally a conversion using Wondershare for comparison.  No DVDfab conversion as I only had a trial version and its run out.

To see the effect of conversion, run the mp4's in VLC and you can see that its actually a stereoscopic version of the original, with a single frame offset between them.  ie 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, 4-5 etc. become frames 1,2,3 and 4.

Now to see in 3D , use Cyberlink power DVD11 set to 3D, (trial version works) and it will self generate an anaglyph whilst playing.  hopefully you can see the difference that the depth of perception setting has.  also, though I've not done it, you can adjust brightness.    I find a setting of 3% works really well with my TV glasses. 


If you have the nvidia set up, I'd like to know what they look like on there, Left eye first.

That's the one thing I regret with digital cameras. My original (now broken and beyond repair after I fiddled with it) VHS-C camcorder had a low light capability of 0.5 lux  :(
That's without any infra red etc as well.
POC videos were great but, of course, analogue and so not as good quality.
I miss it.  :'(
Yes, it's always sad when they change technology to improve on one aspect and then ruin another.
The new cameras may be superior in picture quality but we do get used to doing certain things and, when something like the light grasp ends up much, much worse than the old steam-driven camera had, there's a feeling of being cheated somehow.
Over the last 20 years, it's amazing how you gain some things and lose others (hence the reason I end up with several generations of things - tape recorders, VHS players, camcorders and so on and each one usually just having one particular facility that you are unwilling to give up).
All very well having the latest TV and then finding you can't plug the rest of your things into it so having to replace them as well  :mad:
Believe me, you'll all experience this as you get older!
I'd agree, 2lux is the minimum I would accept for anything and preferably 1 or less.
It's a real downer admitting there is no point in recording a ride that you know will no longer come out and being stuck to "outdoor on a sunny day" shots unless you get a second mortgage and sell the kids to a white slaver.
bought a 3d TV yesterday

an LG 47LW6500 .. works with passive 3d glasses .. so I finally have a reason to "borrow" a pair on my next Disney trip  ;D
Funnily enough, I was looking at an LG 3D TV last Sunday. I found the passive glasses quite acceptable and the 3D effect really good as well.
For some reason the ones plugged into the TV do my vision no good at all.
The promo film they were showing included some shots of a jet fighter which, at one point, shot right out of the screen (I actually leaned back). Still a little on the expensive side for us though.
Cheapest here is £650 which isn't that bad but, on the downside, only one pair of glasses. The reviewer says they cost £99 each!  :eek:
As a bit of fun, have a look here
I wonder where they got them from  :D
Out of curiosity, if using passive glasses, are you restricted in what you watch or does "one size fit all" for DVDs and TV programs (as long as the TV and glasses match, of course).
my TV had 4 pair included

and they said the passive glasses cost 99 bucks?.. I think they mixed something up .. they had a party pack of ten glasses for $19,95 in my store  ;D

The passive glass tvs put much less strain on the eye because they do no "shut" out your eyes very fast (flicker) .. they work like theme park attractions screens and display both frames at the same time

no headache  :)