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hi there

I'm experimenting in the final stages with releasing my new videos in mp4 (x264) (getting more versatile/open source and mac/linux friendly)

sadly I'm running into some problems .. maybe you could write me some thoughts

30min in 10800p result come out in great quality (with two limitaions) at around 1,2GB in multipass enocding
1. It's very CPU intesive to decode .. VLC with my AMD X2 4400+ comes to stutter every 20sec or so .. so it's basicly unwatchable my E6600 handles it ok
2. When I use PowerDVD (to hardware decode) the quality is not nearly half as good.. so hardware decoders seem to handle it ok but in bad quality

what do you guys think ?
eh not 720p, that's more playable true but I just do iPod sized 480p(and the appropriate base h264 profile and bitrate limit to meet ipod specifications) so that everyone has an option. Some people are even on computers that won't play 480p h264 but at that point I personally have to point them to youtube and tell them to just watch it from there.
The few HD videos I released were 720p becuase of the CPU limitations.  It's been so long now though, I'm not sure I can offer much help with settings.  SirLamer I remember offered some tips.
In my experiments I ran into the same CPU limitations for playback. I suspect that hardware acceleration will handle it all perfectly, but that makes it a bit impractical for sharing on desktops of different types.

I am afraid I don't have any tips, because I got stuck at the same point. The DivX guys now also have a x264 encoder in beta (or was it alpha even?) which I will try soon.